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Men's Standard T-shirt

A classic-cut t-shirt made from 100% cotton at a light 155g/m².

Size A (inch) 26.8 28.3 29.1 29.5 30.7
Size B (inch) 19.3 20.5 22.0 23.6 24.0

Personalised Hats from Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt offers the best fashion accessories and that includes personalised hats. Show pride in a local sports team or show your unique fashion sense with our personalised bags and hats.

There’s a lot different types of hats out there but there are few that are able to perfectly express who you are and what you want. That is why Spreadshirt is here to make it easy to personalise your hat to your exact specifications. Using our innovative T-Shirt Designer, with it’s easy to use web interface, you can create an entirely new and unique personalised hat just for you. You can add your own text, pictures or designs to any of our personalised hats, bags or any other personalised gift you wish. Spreadshirt is here to ensure you have a perfect experience in personalising your apparel.

Why Personalised Hats?

Some may ask why should they bother with personalised hats? You already have Spreadshirt’s terrific personalised t-shirts, why would you want a personalised hat as well? If you're looking for gift ideas, the answer is simple: Sometimes a hat is just best. A hat is always front and centre and it always is the first thing to be seen. If you really want to express a certain topic or your support for something, having it on a hat is usually the best option to go. And for times when hats simply will not due, Spreadshirt offers personalised blankets and personalised umbrellas to match any occasion.

Also, many people do not like t-shirts but LOVE their hats. Spreadshirt is all about making our personaliser’s wishes come true. We’re here to offer an unparalleled personalisation experience. Why should we limit this experience to just t-shirts? Our personalised hats are great for you and your family.

Personalised Hats and the Spreadshirt Difference

Spreadshirt prides itself on providing excellent, high quality products to its personalisers. From order through delivery we like to ensure you get the highest experience possible. Our fast delivery, no minimums and high quality printing guarantee you a great personalised clothing experience. You cannot go wrong getting your personalised hats from Spreadshirt.

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