Earn Money with Facebook and Spreadshirt

Facebook has grown immensely over the past few years. Your customers are amongst the more than 500 million active users - and Facebook allows you to reach, interact and even sell to them.

A fan page for your shop is a great way to inform your fans about new products and promotions. You can now take it a step further by adding a tab to your page with images and links to your shop for selected products. Make money with Facebook by selling your shirts to your fans right from where they gather.

We have an app that can embed your Spreadshirt Shop on Facebook. This allows your customers to buy from your shop without leaving Facebook.

If you want to add the app of your site, go to our Facebook page "Spreadshirt Partner Shop App".

It's easy and quick to tie it in, and of course it's completely free! Just follow the steps described in our Parter Shop App Tutorial. And should there be any questions left, you can seek assistance on our Spreadshirt Partner Shop App FAQ section.

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