Easter Gifts

Make egg hunting more fun with custom Easter gifts

Every spring it’s a lot of fun to look for the eggs that have been hidden by the Easter bunny. Be well prepared this year, and personalise clothing or accessories to make the job for the little hare easier. Spreadshirt’s fresh spring designs and Easter rabbits will add to the fun, and you can find a big selection of Easter designs that come out great on T-shirts, mugs or smartphone covers. Create truly unique Easter gifts. Kids love Spreadshirt’s Easter Bunny and teddies, and then there are tote bags that make for an ideal carrier for the Easter haul.
£ 15.71
Out of the Eggs
Designed by graFisch
£ 15.99
Cute White Rabbit T-Shirts
Designed by edohsama
£ 29.11
Grey Easter basket Men's T-Shirts
Designed by namo
£ 14.22
Hase  Accessories
Designed by COCOON88
£ 12.96
Black Wolfinchen rabbit bunny bunnies hare jackass moon werewolf fullmoon ledge T-Shirts Bags & backpacks
Designed by hasenfarm
£ 9.99
break the egg
Designed by all mine
£ 19.48
Easter Bunny
Designed by CardVibes
£ 17.88
Red Häschenkopf / rabbit head (2c) Underwear
Designed by YASH2
£ 15.71
Crazy Rabbit - Bunnies Bottles & Mugs
Designed by modartis
£ 8.80
Women's Hare Vest
Designed by Winkin Bitsy
£ 18.11
Cute Rabbit / Bunny Shirts
Designed by badbugs
£ 16.40
Two rabbits watching a butterfly Umbrellas
Designed by namo
£ 15.77
Like a hipsta hipster easter bunny rabbit face Hoodies
Designed by ellumination
£ 20.49
Designed by ADAM LAWLESS
£ 23.39
White Buddy Rabbit  Aprons
Designed by StiK
£ 26.88
Happy Easter + Eggs
Designed by ibisdesigns
£ 18.99
Scooter Hare T-Shirts
Designed by ChilliFox
£ 13.22
Dirk yummie bunny bunnies hare rabbit donut doughnut sweets monster easter Mugs
Designed by hasenfarm
£ 17.59
cheeky sheep
Designed by stefankahlhammer
£ 14.22
Jeans blue Skull Bunny Rabbit pirate skull bones rock skeleton Skully  Bags
Designed by hasenfarm
£ 26.10
Easter eggs_p1 Other
Designed by Goldshirt
£ 14.71
Happy easter chick Full Colour Mug
Designed by cuteart
£ 20.11
Chick in Easter Egg with Ribbon  Underwear
Designed by namo
£ 25.36
haso rabbit Bunny hare Easter Happy Easter   Aprons
Designed by monsterwonster
£ 18.88
Hoppy easter Sports wear
Designed by lovetee
£ 9.22
Easter Bunny in Trouble Buttons
Designed by zoo-co.com
£ 20.11
A colorful Easteregg with ribbon Underwear
Designed by namo
£ 29.42
۞»♥Easter King Chicken Baseball Cap♥«۞
Designed by Timeless Spell
£ 16.99
BUNN-EGGT004.png T-Shirts
Designed by Smocker La Comedie
£ 18.62
jesus T-Shirts
Designed by monsterwonster
£ 17.36
Yoga chicken
Designed by spontania
£ 15.99
White/black Bunny 2 T-Shirts
Designed by Spreadshirt
£ 29.11
Purple hands_up_or_ill_shoot Organic Products
Designed by namo
£ 17.22
Yellow Bunny, Bunny, rabbit, meadow, flowers, grass, lawn, flower, drawing, Easter Women's T-Shirts
Designed by hasenfarm
£ 14.71
Freshly Hatched
Designed by graFisch
£ 14.48
Fuzzy Bunny
Designed by ibisdesigns
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Gifts that come from the heart

Give a gift that comes from the heart. Find the right easter t-shirts, sweatshirts, mobile cases and many more accessories and clothing for your loved ones. Find funny and stylish "easter" designs as well as "Bunny", and lend a personal touch to your gifts. Our community has a plethora of "Easter Bunny" and "Egg" gifts on offer. Spreadshirt provides you with hand-printed gear of the highest quality. Shop with confidence and make use of our 30-day return policy if you’re not 100% satisfied with your easter gifts.
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