Men's Standard T-shirt

A classic-cut t-shirt made from 100% cotton at a light 155g/m².

Size A (inch) 26.8 28.3 29.1 29.5 30.7
Size B (inch) 19.3 20.5 22.0 23.6 24.0

Personalised Phone Cases:
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Personalise your iPhone cases – it’s easy & fun

Spice up your iPhone with a custom iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 cases from Spreadshirt. Our unique designs will make your iPhone cover stand out from the rest of the masses.

Create a cover for your smartphone that reflects your personality. Your iPhone case should look just as unique as you! Spreadshirt offers you the chance to completely customise your iPhone cases so that you can show the world your creative powers. Start in our easy to use T-Shirt Designer, and select a custom iPhone case product. Then choose from thousands of designs to put on your iPhone cover, from popular designs like “Keep Calm” and “Cool Story Bro” to geeky designs from your favorite sci-fi movies (Avengers, Simpsons, Garfield etc.).
You can also upload your own designs, images, or text for your iPhone cases if you don’t find any inspiration on our Marketplace. Your smartphone cover will stand out, and you can truly customise your iPhone cases and other products at will.

Follow these three simple steps to create cover for your iPhone case:

  • 1. Choose product – for you this means to select iPhone case
  • 2. Choose design – there are thousands of great designs on offer
  • 3. Add text – personalise your iPhone case, e.g. with your name or a slogan!

Your iPhone 4 Case or your iPhone 5 Cover by Spreadshirt

There are many providers of iPhone 4 covers or iPhone 5 cases, so why should you order from Spreadshirt? Well, we just make it easier and more fun for you to create something truly unique yourself. You decide how the cover of your phone looks like, and you have full creative license to design the case that you want. This makes Spreadshirt’s iPhone 4 or 5 cases the best choice for your smartphone to take cover. And apart from being able to design your smartphone case in a perfectly customised way, there are other advantages as wel:

The case fits your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s like a glove – it’s just perfect. And of course, the same is true for iPhone 5 covers. You can print on the whole area of the case’s backside, and there are notches for the camera and the adaptor slots. This way, your iPhone gets a completely new look, and you can use the camera, use chargers or USB cables just like you would without the case. The printing technique used to print your design on the cover allows for printing on the rims, and the results are brilliant and long-lasting. So you can print e.g. a photo on the iPhone case, or you choose your favourite design to adorn your smartphone cover. Real apple fans can also find cases for iPads to personalise, so check out our iPad cases and notebook sleeves!

iPhone 5 cases and what makes Spreadshirt special

If you think that’s all nice and fair, but you still don’t know why you should order your iPhone 5 case with Spreadshirt, we want to name a few more very convincing reasons:

  • Spreadshirt attaches great importance to both the quality of the products and print technique
  • The products as well as the design prints are brilliant and long-lasting
  • Spreadshirt’s customer service is outstanding as we know that our reputation is connected to your satisfaction
  • We deliver fast and reliably
  • You can choose from a vast variety of designs, and it’s easy to personalise our products

So, now it’s up to you to design your product. Have fun!

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