Spreadshirt is moving! #03

Time for the latest update from “project relocation” specialist Antje.

03 Old stuff – new stuff
One reason why we chose to move into the old Kirow-factory was the old industrial charme that the building has. And it also had these fantastic walls, posts, graffiti and historic electro trash which looks like from a different century. During one of the first visits of the new location, Uwe, our VP Engineering, discovered an old elevator engine which we will hopefully be able to somehow integrate in the new office. Of course, Uwe wants to have it in the IT department 🙂

How much of the old treasures we will actually keep also depends on some security guidelines that already hindered us from installing a firefighter-post or slide..But the hall itself will definitely keep its old look and feel – with its non-hidden poles and without an artificial second floor.
Old furniture couldn´t be found in the new HQ however. That´s why we have to shop for new chairs and desks. Just yesterday, we had a chair-test for the Spreaders in order to see which ones they think are comfortable and which won´t aren´t. One chair actually left a pretty good impression: the “white SIM”, an original chair from last year´s worldcup, on which Zidane and Materazzi probably had their final rest before heading on to the final.. We will use it in a number of meeting rooms and maybe in some social areas as well.
For those, we also considered stuff from Quinze & Milan and Droog. Especially the chair made out of old clothes found some friends at the B&C department. We´ll see if we can build some similar chairs as we can´t probably afford to buy the originals 🙂
You probably realize: things keep changing in the new HQ and slowly but surely one can actually see the changes.

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