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Sustainability is our big theme in April: Earth Day, Bamboo and Eco-Cotton – Bambi will surely show up too. “Everything beautiful and good,” our production taoist philosophized, who might have just watched too much Star Wars. “You can push yourself as much as you want. As long as you behold the light and not the shadow, Ying and Yang won’t be in balance.”

That sounds unbelievably wise, impressed us greatly and let’s us simply imagine ripping through the forest at 130 km/h.

An Official Welcome to the 123 Rallye!

Our Pedal-to-the-Metal Shop Promotion fur the eco-green fourth month. With Rallye it’s all about speeding right on through the wilderness – but, why 123? Because of the irresistible hard facts:



1 Shirt-Voucher worth 15 £ is waiting for every Shop Partner at the end of the Rallye. Everyone, of course, is in on the ride. There are no restrictions. No entry fees. Nothing of the sort. Everyone get’s something out of this. We’re just going to check our stopwatches and see who has made it to the finish line.

Whoever doesn’t have one get’s one and can still race with us. You have till tomorrow. Here is the way.



All that you need to do is to step on the gas pedal for two weeks straight. That’s it, just two weeks. It all starts today, the 5th of April, after the strike of midnight. Two weeks later, Sunday, the 20th of April we’ll be heading towards the finish up until the last minute of the night. That’s where the clock stops and you have reached the finish line.



What’s this all about anyways? All you have to do is get three new customers into your shop and the voucher is yours. You don’t have to even contact us – we will send you the results. Oh, and this promotion isn’t restricted to just one voucher. Whoever is able to get 6 new customers into their shop receives two vouchers, and those who get 9 new ones get three…

… it’s only at 5 vouchers per Partner where we hit the brakes. Hey, this promotion is supposed to help our small Partners get a good start and not make the rich get richer. I mean really: if you easily bring in 15 new customers within two weeks, you are in the wrong race and should personally call us to apply for a bigger competition.

There‘s more! To get you on through the start line we will offer you free shipping. For the whole next weekend we will be shipping to your customers for free. It’s as simple as getting your customers to join the raging crowd, screaming the code


… and watch them be off with the race. Is there something else? Of course there is!



Naturally, we want to keep the race thrilling and suspenseful for the crowd. So, whoever wants to creatively express their thoughts of the race in text, picture or video, no problem. Something special is waiting for them. The best stories will be posted in the blog for a vote and the top three which are voted from the community will receive an extra treat. You will find out in the next couple of days exactly what that is. Just send us an E-mail to 123rallye ‘at’

Buckle your seatbelts and put the pedal to the metal!

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