Trend Report – Seasonal Trends and Top 5 Unisize Products

Our October Trend Report dealt with seasonal trends for our unisize products, a.k.a. one size fits all most. Our market researchers Torge and Henrik took a closer look at how these products sell throughout the year and shed some light on our customer’s buying habits.
Unisizers, that is products which only come in one size, are loved by our customers. It would be almost too obvious to point out that the chances that these products don’t fit are relatively small, and therefore the aprons, bags and other accessories are seldom returned. These babies work excellently as gifts and make up more than a third of all Spreadshirt orders. These stats are not always consistent throughout the year: we also found out that seasonal marketing trends can really influence the sales of these accessories.

Seven percent of all articles bought from our apparel assortment are products where size doesn’t play a role. In the months before the holiday season, this number shoots up to 14 percent! This is a clear signal that people love to give unisize products like bathrobes, ties and shopping totes as gifts.

The case of the apron: when we market our aprons as grilling aprons in the summer, this practical accessory grabs 1.6% of all sales. As the holiday shopping season kicks off, this number more than triples: in December 2008 the apron – this time marketed as cooking and baking apron – took off to a height of 6.6%. Seasonal marketing most certainly plays a role in strengthening this trend. Of course, this is only one example of how products can be packaged better and perform stronger in winter or summer, depending on the shop, niche and the audience you are targeting.

With the holiday season approaching, be sure to have some accessories ready in your shop for the gift shoppers. Here are other accessories which perform quite dandily:

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