Hurdle into Spring with New Sports- and Activewear

Our new sports collection is now available for your personalisation! Take a closer look at our new sports- and activewear:

Men’s Sleeveless Hoodie from James & Nicholson is available in black/ash, red/ash and petrol/ash.

Men’s Sport Short’s from James & Nicholson are available in black and heather grey. (football not included 😉 )

Women’s Athletic Shorts from Bella will be activated this Thursday and will be available in black, deep heather and red.

The Duffel Bag from SOL’s is similar to the American Apparel bag, but is much more comfortable and has even more room for your sports clothing, football equipment or other fitness accessories.

Haven’t heard enough about sportswear? Here are some of my personal sports outfit ideas: if the Men’s Sleeveless hoodie isn’t your cup of tea, why not combine the Men’s Sport Shorts with our Men’s Tank Top from Continental Clothing or the Men’s Breathable Function Shirt from Alo? And for the ladies I would really recommend the Women’s Shoulder-free Tank Top or the Women’s Slim Fit Earth Positive T-Shirt from Continental Clothing (my favourite due to its light-weight material) in combination with the new Women’s Athletic Shorts.

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