Mark Your Words – A Summer of Football Without any Fouls

The countdown has started! You can already count the days on your fingers and toes, even if you don’t have all of them. The biggest games in football are about to begin, and I don’t know about you, but I am getting excited already.

We are also very excited that there has been a great variety of football-themed designs added to our platform, despite the strict rules when it comes to what you are allowed to print on apparel for this event. Many of you have added some creative designs without infringing on any copyrights.

Just to make sure that you get every penny of your commission earned, you should continue to be careful not to infringe upon any of the event’s trademarks, as well as those of the organizations and sponsors involved. That can happen a lot quicker than you think.

Please always make sure to do your research before uploading a design. You are actually required to do this as a shop partner / designer.

Even non-specific terms like “World Cup”, “WC 2010” or “South Africa 2010” are protected by trademarks. You should also check that your own designs don’t look similar to the official logos. Possible confusion of your design with the protected design is also seen as infringement. These are the kind of logos, among others, that you must avoid:

(Rights to the above images owned by FIFA)

The following trademark research sites can be very, very helpful:

You can also find more detailed information from FIFA themselves with some examples of what is allowed and not allowed.

And in case of doubt, simply ask us before you upload a design (legal at spreadshirt dot net). That way we can all enjoy both football and selling football shirts this summer 😉

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