52 Shirts: Win a Year’s Supply of Shirts!

win a year's supply of shirts
We will be celebrating the 3rd annual International T-Shirt Day on June 21st, with events in Berlin, Boston and New York.

To really make this year’s T-Shirt Day a party to remember, we thought up something extra special: win a year’s supply of shirts! The lucky winner will get one brand new shirt every week for an entire year. That adds up to 52 shirts just for you!

What do you have to do?

The idea is simple: show us how much you love shirts. Approach the topic of shirts generally or focus on your favourite shirt – it’s up to you!

You have free range over the who, what, where and how: write a blog post, publish a photo and story on Flickr, tweet poetry to a shirt, shoot a video and upload it on YouTube, start a Facebook campaign. Show us in a special and original way that you are the biggest t-shirt fan and that you have duly earned a year’s supply of shirts.

There are 2.5 conditions to follow:

1. Publish your entry by June 23rd 2010
2. Participants must use the hashtag #tshirtfan2010 so we can find your entry
2.5 If you are planning to do something on Facebook, please leave a link in a comment on our T-Shirt Day Fan Page – otherwise, we might not be able to find your submission.

All other submissions which you add to a blog, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube will be found by searching for the term #tshirtfan2010. That means that you will automatically take part in the promotion by using that tag to your post, photos or videos. If you want, you can also let us know about your submission (e.g. by adding a comment here in the blog).

Who wins?
The biggest t-shirt fan wins. If there are more than a few candidates who have earned this title (which we expect there to be), we will present these candidates here in the blog and on the Facebook page and reach a decision one week after T-Shirt Day. We will contact the winner personally and we will make an announcement here in the blog. 
Who provides the T-Shirts?
Spreadshirt, laFraise and CafePress have vouched for 52 shirts. If you have a t-shirt brand and would like to add even more shirts to the winner’s pile, feel free to contact us and join in on the fun.

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  2. Too bad I can’t watch it — since it contains Music that is not licensed in Germany πŸ™
    do you have a version available without (this) music?

  3. Great have some ideas hope to work it out before the 23th. πŸ™‚ In the mean time thinking what I should do with 52 t-shirts πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  5. I love t-shirts lol I keep a t-shirt on 24 hours a day I like to design my own T-shirt as well when I have free time! I’m a comedian over the internet I make sketch comedy on youtube here’s my link;
    Check me out I have a shop on this site and this site has great reasonable prices and is very cool to work with and on! I’m planning to make more shirts very soon I have made only 3 designs on this site but more to come! I would really love to win the year supply of T-shirts and represent and advertise where I won them from! I am making a youtube video about this and letting my fans know!

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  7. thanks for all your great entries! You have one more day to submit your entry, then we will collect all of them and present the most thrilling ones here in the blog.