Your Own Custom Band Shirts & Merch – with Spreadshirt

Selling your own band shirts is a must for any ambitious band and, of course, its fans. More often than not band shirts can be a big pain in the bass for the band.
Who will decide which selection you will offer up for sale? What colours and sizes will you have made and bring to the concert? What about the shipping and payment? What should we print and what will the fans like?
We think the band should worry more about their music. And there’s certainly no longer a need to have boxes of band shirts laying around in your living room or garage anymore.

If you want to sell your own band t-shirts, but want to give it a try first or take it slowly, then we suggest opening up a band t-shirt and merchandise shop. A Spreadshirt shop is free and doesn’t require you to invest anything up front. This makes a Spreadshirt shop ideal for bands new and old that want to spend more time making music than printing t-shirts, storing them etc. From tour shirts to band logo shirts, you let your customers decide what they want to buy.

A Spreadshirt shop is quick to set-up and you can integrate it into your website, into your exisiting merchandise shop or add a Spreadshirt MySpace app to your page.

So, now you’ll have more time to do what you do best: music. Or, to shoot videos showing off your merch.

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