#Spreadvent 13 – How About 10,000 Flyers for your Shop?

We’ve passed the midway point, reached lucky number 13 to reveal something special for shop partners: lots and lots of flyers! This is your chance to advertise your shop or Marketplace profile offline!
How does it work?
We are running a Twitter parade and here’s how it goes: we will count from today until Wednesday evening Tweets about your shop. And depending on how many tweets your shop gets, you will have a chance to win.

(Original photo by cayusa)

For 20 RTs: If your shop is retweeted more than 20 times, your name will go in the 20+ pot. From this group we will choose 4 winners whose shop or Marketplace designs will appear together on a flyer.

For 50 RTs: If your shop is retweeted more than 50 times, your name will land in the 50+ pool. We will choose 1 winner from this group who will get 10,000 flyers for their shop or Marketplace designs. We will collaborate with the winner on the design and create the flyers. Then they will be inserted to our customers’ orders.

Important: please comment below with a link to your tweet OR use the #spreadvent (hashtag) as a part of your tweet so we can track the retweets.

Good luck, and for those looking for a few Twitter tips, I find this collection of tips helpful.

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