Changes: Displaying your Designs in Spreadshirt’s Create Tool

Changes: Displaying your Designs in Spreadshirt’s Create Tool

Until now, all designs in the ‘Marketplace‘ and the ‘Create Tool‘ have been treated the same. Both areas of the website will now be streamlined to target different groups of customers. This will impact the search algorithm of the Create Tool. In future, only designs priced below a certain limit will be shown in the Create Tool. The design price you set will also affect the ranking.  

Marketplace vs Create Tool

Marketplace customers tend to look for trendy and artistically appealing designs, whereas Create customers look to personalise products with simpler designs, photos and text. This is why Spreadshirt introduced a price limit for designs in the Create Tool, on 10 May 2017.

Please note – the change only concerns those designs added to the Create Tool. On the Marketplace, all of your designs will continue to be available (if you offer them there). And, of course, they will still be available in the Spreadshop’s T-Shirt Designer.

In the process of establishing the price limit, we have put this cap to the test. We made sure that approx. 80% of all designs sold fall under the new price limit.

If one of your design’s price should be above the limit, you can choose to either reduce it or concentrate on selling that design on the Marketplace at its current price.

Price Limit and Algorithm

The preliminary price limits that will apply depend on the country:

All EU countries = 3,00 EUR
SE = 30 SEK
NO = 33 NOK
DK = 20 DKK
PL = 13 Zloty
CH = 3.25 CHF
GB = 3.99 GBP
US = USD 3.50
CA = CAD 4.00
AUD = AUD 4.38

These price limits are dynamic and subject to change depending on different customer needs. 

The Create Tool’s new algorithm takes the following factors into consideration:

  • relevance with regards to the tags you assigned
  • click rate
  • number of uses
  • relevance with regard to the language where it is searched
  • relevance with regard to the domain where it is searched
  • low design price as a positive factor

Selling Designs – Know how!

The question of how you sell your designs on the Marketplace or the Create Tool depends on when you opened your account and which user area version you have.

a) You set up your account before 20 October 2016*:

Uploaded designs are automatically added to the Create Tool. In order to sell them on the Marketplace, you need to create at least one product with it.

b) You set up your account after 20 October 2016*:

Your designs are automatically available on the Marketplace and in the Create Tool.

What’s next?

It is in our interest to increase your sales opportunities at Spreadshirt. This is supported by campaigns such as ‘Spreadshirt Select: Designer of the Month‘ and ‘T-Shirt of the Week‘ (in Germany). Here, we promote the hand-picked designs on all channels, design newsletters for specialised topics to customers, the re-introduction of regular contests and an extended reach on external marketplaces such as Amazon.

We know that this measure may lead to a loss in revenue on your part that can not be adequately compensated for. We hope you understand that these changes are necessary in order to offer the customer the best experience. We look forward to continuing to work with you to improve both your sales and the overall customer experience.

Any questions relating to the Create Tool changes can be referred to

* Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finnland, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland: 27 October 2015
* Spain: 1 October 2015
* Poland, Italy: 30 September 2015

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