Upload Limit Increased to 50 Designs

Upload Limit Increased to 50 Designs

Do a happy dance! The design upload limit has increased. You can now upload up to 50 designs per day. Break out your design tools, it’s time to get creative.

Last year at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis we had to temporarily reduce the design upload limit. That was a huge bummer for not only our talented Designers but for the Marketplace itself.

Well, we’re thrilled to say that we have some good news to celebrate! As of today (right this very second even), you can upload up to 50 designs per day again. Of course, this won’t affect your publishing limit. Now that you’re a part of Spreadshirt Star Academy your publishing limit corresponds with your star class. You can see your star class and it’s publishing limit in the Partner Area.

Marketplace customers are very much looking forward to having a larger assortment of designs to shop. And we’re just as eager to see what you’ll create. So, what are you waiting for? Deactivate designs that don’t sell well and start designing new ones! Ready, set… upload!

Any questions? Let us know in the forum or in the comments below.

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