Congratulations to our proud top 20 🌈

Congratulations to our proud top 20 🌈

It’s true: our design community is simply the best. Thank you so much for the overwhelming participation in our Pride (LGBTQIA+) design competition, we can hardly believe our luck! Over a hundred amazing designs were submitted to us, and these diverse AND colourful treasures were deservedly voted into the top 20:

  1. “Only Humans are homophobic” Pride Tiere designed by Huette Kunterbunt
  2. “LOVE LOADING Please stand by” designed by PrideHEROES
  3. Shine Pride designed by minavi
  4. Love has no gender designed by Tizika
  5. Colourful LGBTQIA+ designed by PIEP
  6. Cute Bee Rainbow (LGBTQIA+) designed by byFey
  7. Love is like art – colourful – LGBTQIA+ designed by Ellen Tune
  8. Diversity designed by T-Shirt Welt
  9. Pride (LGBTQIA+) designed by Bexx
  10. Pride black cat designed by Kaelva
  11. Optimistic Pride designed by Fluse-san
  12. “I am in the mix” designed by Me And My Tee
  13. Pride in the city designed by Lucky State
  14. LGBTQIA+ designed by ramoncravel
  15. Love always wins designed by Tausendfarbig
  16. United for the right to be you designed by Illustranka
  17. Peace Love designed by Juicy Design
  18. Rainbow pride designed by Zordi
  19. Pride Month – Love is Love designed by Kattos
  20. We are real designed by ArtCreativa Multimedia-Design

Stay excited for the next round! The first 10 top-rated designs automatically go to the second step of the voting. The three winners will be determined by an internal vote by Spreadshirt employees. We will announce who has made it out of the top 10 into the top 3 designs on 05.06.2024. by 23:59 at the latest.

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