Adobe Illustrator – The Custom Brush Tool


Here’s a designer you should give more than a cursory glance. VectorInk is an active Spreadshirt designer who creates her own brushes in a matter of clicks.  Adobe Illustrator allows you to easily adjust your brushes, and we’ve picked a sweet little bunny for you to show what two brushes can do for you. Here’s our tutorial – let’s take the rabbit out of the hat!

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4 Essential Design Tips for Lines, Texture and Colour


There’s many a way to skin a banana, and even more to create T-shirt designs. Just like in our first instalment of design tips, we’ve now put together four irresistibly easy and straightforward tips for those keen to get a knack of the basic tools of the trade. We asked four Spreadshirt designers for assistance: check out what they have to say!

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SOS – Design Service – For You


Working with Photoshop and Illustrator takes some getting used to. Creating a vector design or even pixel graphics makes using image-rendering software a basic necessity. Of course, you’ll need quite some time and experience to realise graphics the way you imagine them. Good to know: Spreadshirt’s Graphics Service offers an easy solution to develop your images swiftly.

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How to Create Great Comic-Inspired Designs


By day, D.J. Coffman is an art director with Spreadshirt North America. By night, however, he steps into a phone booth and dons a cape and red vinyl boots, moonlighting as a very well-known comic artist. He has been kind enough to assume the superhero role for today to share some tips for making comic- inspired designs. Look up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…. DJ!
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4 Expert Tips to Create Standout Designs


Creativity is like a vast ocean of opportunity, but it’s sometimes difficult to navigate in the wild waters of technical and creative possibilities. To lend you a hand in creating designs that make a difference, we sought advice from several designers to explain the stages of their work; and even disclose a few creative tricks. Let’s put to sea! Read more

Start your Sport Season

Sport Season

The age-old question of how to get your sweet little bum into gear – really this time – keeps re-occurring. You can watch those Pilates DVDs from your couch and think about doing that 5 mile run tomorrow until the cows come home. It will account to not much more than thinking about taking a flight without buying a ticket. The truth according to acclaimed philosopher Mark Wahlberg still holds true: “No Pain, no Gain.“ Good news: it takes about 2 minutes per hour to generate a positive effect on your health. Find out how and read on…   Read more

Sound advice: To print or not to print, that’s the bull session here

Print Copyright

We’re a company that prints your designs the way you want them, straight forward and hassle-free. And if it was down to us, we’d have no qualms about printing Ryan Gosling’s pretty picture on a T-shirt for your sister’s birthday. Or your football team’s crest on a beach towel to neatly mark your territory on sun loungers. As much as we see the point here, our hands are legally tied, though. Copyrights and personality rights need to be respected, so we think it’s about time to put the record straight. We asked the people in the know: our graphics and design team. Read their answers to your most frequently asked questions. Read more