7 Tips for your Facebook Marketing


Facebook is at the top of the crops when it comes to social media channels. No other platform gets even close in terms of flexibility or reach. Online shops can easily draw attention to themselves, and they get a fair impression of their customers. It quite simply is a goldmine for your marketing efforts! Here we’ll furnish you with seven vital tips to make it work to your advantage.

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Technical Information: API Changes on the Horizon


For all of you techies out there: a change is on the horizon for the Spreadshirt API. If you’re not sure what the API (Application Programming Interface) does, it’s best left alone. Spreadshirt’s API is chock-full of information that allows other systems to ‘talk’ to our systems and access the information they need. If we’ve tickled your interest, this blog post is for you.

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Your Designs and Pantone’s Colour of the Year: Greenery


The Pantone Colour Institute is the world’s foremost authority in all things colour. Each year, Pantone’s fashion gurus select their Colour of the Year while drawing on a wealth of trends from the world of fashion, cosmetics and interior decorating. Fashion aficionados all over the world eagerly await the announcement of the colour like people abide the prediction of winter weather by Punxsutawney Phil on groundhog day. Time to brace your Shop with the Colour of the Year 2017, we shall think!

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News at SpreadShop – Possible integration of T-Shirt Designer


Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could personalise products with your designs at will?  Our developers have just added this function to the SpreadShop so that you can now integrate the T-Shirt Designer in your Shop. Find out how and what options there are available to you after the jump.

Custom Tees with the T-Shirt Designer

People are picky, and that’s why little things like a design that’s slightly too big or a product that’s doesn’t 100% meet somebody’s expectations can make people shoo away. With the integration of the T-Shirt Designer in your Shop, your customers can adjust your products to their liking, and this will ultimately increase your sales.

To add the T-Shirt Designer, go to ‘Shop Settings’ in your user account and then click on ‘Edit’. You’ll find the ‘T-Shirt Designer’ option right there.

Spoilt for Choice

Here are the options you can offer in your Shops:

  • Activate the Designer T-Shirt: This option allows your customers to make adjustments as they see fit. The design position and even the colours of vector graphics (3 colours max.).
  • Spreadshirt designs: Here, your customers can choose a design from our Marketplace in addition to – or instead of – the design offered in your shop.
  • Enable image import: A photo or design can be imported by customers. They can upload in file formats like .png, .jpg, .bmp or .gif to customise products.
  • Enable adding text: Customers can add text to create their own messages on the product.


Even if you have no designs for sale, you can use the T-Shirt Designer in your shop. Customers can just customise a product the way they want.

Your pay

You will earn money regardless of whether your customers use Marketplace designs or import their own designs. You always earn a commission with every sale.

NB: Look into ‘Shop Settings > Extended > Overview’ to adjust your commission settings.

What do you think of the integration of the T-Shirt Designer in your shop? Are there any other functions you would like to see added? Please let us know in the comments!

Create product photography with Placeit


Have you ever tried to retouch a picture in order to integrate your design? If so, you surely know that it takes a long time, and getting a natural-looking result is not easy. Fortunately there’s a solution! As announced in June 2016, Spreadshirt has partnered with with Placeit— one of the internet’s leaders in digital mockups and demo videos.  The partnership has allowed us to give you a15% discount on image models to help you highlight your products. In an interview, Antonio from Placeit shows you what you have to gain. Salut, Antonio! Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.

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3 Illustrator Tools for More Variety


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW. Designers everywhere swear by the ‘three kings’ of image processing software, but there are some challengers to the crown that we’d like to introduce to you. Some lesser-known illustrator tools are moving forward and taking the fight to the established industry leaders. Here are three very original and creative solutions.

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