7 Tips for your Facebook Marketing


Facebook is at the top of the crops when it comes to social media channels. No other platform gets even close in terms of flexibility or reach. Online shops can easily draw attention to themselves, and they get a fair impression of their customers. It quite simply is a goldmine for your marketing efforts! Here we’ll furnish you with seven vital tips to make it work to your advantage.

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Success tips for Christmas


Let’s put all the Xmas tree decoration aside for a second and face the no-frills reality: above all, Christmas is business. Get on the gravy train and offer gift shoppers the right designs on the right products at the right time. We’ve done our homework and will tell you all you need to know to bring Christmas bliss your way. Check out this blog post for all the info.

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Top 3 Common Mistakes of Marketplace Sellers


The Spreadshirt Marketplace brings creative professionals and design enthusiasts together. A recipe for success starts with setting yourself apart from the crowd by adding a little smidgen of magic and avoiding a few common mistakes. And since it’s nice to learn from the mistakes others have already made, here’s a short compilation of sales tips and what to best avoid when putting up designs for sale on the Marketplace.

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Better Meta Tags for Better Biz


Ever wondered how you could improve your website’s Google ranking? The good news is that it doesn’t involve a two-week course in the arts of geeky wizardry – all you need to do is imply a few clues for Google and our Marketplace to tell people what they can find on your site. Meta tags is the word, and we’ll let you know how to deal with them to send your visitor numbers on the mend..

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