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Instagram Challenge

T-Shirt Day is taking place on June 21st  and we have something awesome planned for our Spreadshirt community.

We want to encourage you to share your love for the T-shirt with us and the whole world. This way, everybody can see how much fun you can have with T-shirts (and spreadshirt, of course). So starting June 15th, we’re going to have a special event on Instagram: Everyday we’re going to ask you to #spreadstyle and share your style with us and our community. So what are you waiting for? Start posting! Read more

Albert Einstein: Psysics to Wear

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough

Einstein Designs

These brilliant words are attributed to one Albert Einstein. The 60th anniversary of the demise famous Nobel Laureate’s will take place on 18 April. We had a good look around at the Spreadshirt Marketplace and realized that although Einstein may be out, his enduring knowledge and notable quotations are certainly still very in! For Einstein has left us not only the Theory of Relativity, but also many wise words that still work their magic on T-shirts today. Read more

Plastic Bags vs. Tote Bags: A Comparison

tote bag sustainability

The tote bag revolution that has overtaken grocery and retail stores around the world is not without good reason. Tote bags are not only good for the environment; they are durable and have many uses outside of just transporting your purchases. They make for great beach or weekend bags and can be strategically placed around the house as storage for children’s toys, spare parts, arts and crafts supplies, etc. Ironically enough, I have one hanging in my coat closet STUFFED with plastic bags!
Check out the table before for tote vs. plastic bag pros and cons and consider using tote bags for your carrying needs: Read more

April – A Month for Our Planet

Earth Month

April is “Earth Month”, a whole month dedicated to our Mother Earth. “Earth Day” – celebrated on 22 April for the 45th time – is occasion enough to remind us of the importance of directing attention to the world we live in. How do we as a globally operating company assume responsibility for our planet, and how can you join in?

Doing it right

Good for our planet – anyone can write that on their products. But how do you make sure that the values close to your heart are being adhered to by your contractual partners as well? There are initiatives and associations that have committed to the good cause of improving conditions in production countries in a decent and dignified way.


Hand on Your Heart – Seal the Contracts

Most of our suppliers are members of one of these organisations. Companies committing to the OEKO-TEX®-Standard are obliged to remain within the limits of pH-values, heavy metals, carcinogenic substances and other harmful properties and additives when manufacturing their products. The ISO 14001, a norm which several of our partners have subscribed to, sets a new limit for reducing emissions, waste and effluent water in place. And in order to receive a REACH seal, suppliers need to reduce the use of chemicals. Other initiatives such as the Fair Wear Foundation, WRAP, and Fairtrade have a keen eye for topics such as dignified work conditions, appropriate remuneration for producers as well as a process-oriented and sustainable approach. This is how we make sure that big words are followed by big deeds.


You can play your part – our organic products

Next to an environmentally sound lifestyle and applying sane reason, you can support the good cause by printing your designs primarily on products stemming from manufacturers who hold quality seals. The organic T-shirts and hoodies for (women / men) by Continental Clothing are produced by means of renewable energy sources and the fabrics stem from organic cotton. For kids, we put an emphasis on sound organic products with only the highest quality. It’s important to put a concerted effort into passing the planet to the next generations in the best possible way to see them grow up safe and sound. This is why our baby bodysuits, bibs, and kids T-shirts are all produced in an environmentally friendly way. To demonstrate more awareness when doing the shopping, our tote bags are produced with wind and solar energy sources.


How do you commit yourself to the cause of our planet? Can you share a few tips or valuable advice with us that help make our everyday life more environmentally friendly? We look forward to your feedback below this post.

DIY: Make little things count

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a divisive topic – “skimming off profit from emotions“, some might say, whereas others just whole-heartedly enjoy celebrating the love they share with their partner. Of course there’s a grain of truth in either side, and we think that Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean having to celebrate it at fancy restaurants while sipping champagne and slurping oysters. What counts comes from the heart, and we’ve packed a small bag of love that says what it should: it’s just so good to have you.

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