Your Summer Festival Style Guide 2015

Festival Style guide

Mix Tapes, Baby!

Sure there’s plenty to do at festivals: the dancing, the games, the singing, shopping the little craft tables, grilling, etc., but we all know why we’re here – the music! A great way to set the stage (excuse the pun) for a great festival experience is to create good old-fashioned mix CDs (or cassettes if you can dig out a tape deck from a pyramid). Put together a playlists of the bands you’re going to see, and blast them in the car or your headphones on the way. It’s a great way to psych yourself up for the adventure ahead. Read more

Vacation: I’m Packing My Bag and I’m Bringing…

Beach bag

Did you ever play that game when you were a kid? It’s usually on a long car trip and your parents would suggest it to your little sister to stop the kids from starting WW3 in the backseat.
This game a great way to kill some time, it’s also a great way to practice memory skills. Somebody starts with “I’m packing my bag and I’m bringing a banana just in case I get hungry,” then the next continues, “I’m packing my bag and I’m bringing a banana just in case I get hungry and my flip flops so I don’t burn my feet on the sand.” The game goes on and on, each one adding an item to the list, then trying to recall all of the items when their turn comes around. If you forget, you’re out. Remember now? Read more

Spreadsters, what’s your favourite gear?


At Spreadshirt, our employees deal with a great variety of products on a daily basis. Sooner or later, everyone gets in touch with certain products, whether you’re a software engineer or marketing cognoscenti. We set out on a quest to find out what people at Spreadshirt buy for themselves or for friends and family, and we’ve come up with a hot list of gear that’s especially close to the heart of the Spreadshirt posse. Read more

Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot for Valentine’s Day at Spreadshirt

Behind the Scenes Spreadshirt

Ever since Tyra Banks provided us with a deeper insight into the nature of top models, the whole world is well aware of how tough it is to make it in this business. Good looks and what you’d generally call “talent” just isn’t enough. Next to shedding a few tears and undiluted pearls of sweat, it takes a lot of stamina to exude glamour in an aloof and adorable way. “Never dull your shine for somebody else,” we hear her say…
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Interview: Spreadshirt CEO Phil Rooke talks about media competence

Schau hin

The e-commerce platform Spreadshirt has just started to endorse the media guide SCHAU HIN! The collaboration started in September 2014 with a stall at the World Children´s Day event in Berlin. In today’s interview, Spreadshirt’s CEO Philip Rooke delivers his views on the cooperation as a whole, expressed his desire to bring more media competence to families and illustrates how to deal with personal information online. Read more

DIY: Make little things count

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a divisive topic – “skimming off profit from emotions“, some might say, whereas others just whole-heartedly enjoy celebrating the love they share with their partner. Of course there’s a grain of truth in either side, and we think that Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean having to celebrate it at fancy restaurants while sipping champagne and slurping oysters. What counts comes from the heart, and we’ve packed a small bag of love that says what it should: it’s just so good to have you.

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