Barbecue: The choice is yours

Barbecue apron

The painful chill and indoor trappings of a historically bitter winter have finally subsided in favour of newly-springing wild flowers, sun dresses, and most importantly, the BBQ! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, grilling season is upon us again. Mesquite smoke, charcoal briquettes, BBQ sauce, steak, chicken… oh man… we’re salivating. So wheel the ol’ girl out of the shed, get the propane filled, scrape off last year’s grime, and let’s hit to the meat counter. Read more

Top 10 Bachelor Par-Tee Tips

Top 10 Bachelor Par-Tee Tips

When the days of your best mate’s swinging single days are a mere couple of weeks from coming to an end, it’s time for one last hurrah. Get merry with your mates and board that budget plane to Eastern Europe – another farewell to bachelorhood beckons. There’s just a few things you should take care of, and here you can learn exactly what you should remember when the going gets tough. Read more

What kind of movie is your life?

Wild car chases in the streets of Rome or San Francisco, glamorous parties in Hollywood mansions with pop stars and itchy noses, guarding the hobbits from orc attacks or seeking refuge in the rocky mountains with an old typewriter and bowie knife? If any of these ideas should tickle your fancy, you should lean back in your cinema seat, nibble on some popcorn and watch your life as a movie…

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Valentine’s Recipe: Sweet Mug Cake

Mug cake recipe

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and we’re sure the same is true for women. So here’s a sugary idea to sweeten up your honey while making his or her day at the same time. Best of all: it’s so easy and so yummy that your little darling will think you’ve found the sorcerer’s stone of baking. And all the hardware you’ll need is a mug and a microwave.

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Fit with Spreadshirt: Fit as a Butcher‘s Dog

Get Fit with Spreadshirt

There is a host of motivating slogans that you can print on a T-shirt. “Pain is temporary, pride is forever”, “No Pain, No Gain“ and “One day, this pain will make sense”. You can tell that “pain“ is a theme here, and since nothing in life comes for free, we want to give you the extra incentive to walk through the shadow of the valley of pain, and finally master the most rewarding character-building experience of them all: sports! Check out our blog and learn how to subdue the demons of complacency, and then turn into the healthy beast you’re meant to be.

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Gift wrap it, please!

Gift wrap it, please!Let’s be honest – looking for the right gifts for friends and family can be quite a kill-joy. And when it comes to gift wrapping, what really takes the fun out of functionality is a wicked combination of a) lacking the patience and b) the dexterity to twiddle with wrapping paper, ribbons and scissors during a time when your ease turns cottage cheese in the frenzy of the pre-Christmas season. Enough of that! No more chequered gift paper with rosy ribbons and hastily applied scotchtape. We’re striking a blow for burritos, glasses and record sleeves! Our gift wrapping ideas are so smart that the lucky recipients will not want to open their gifts at all… Read more