Alcohol Baby Clothing - I drink until I pass out just like my aunt - Short-Sleeved Baby Bodysuit sky
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Short-Sleeved Baby BodysuitI drink until I pass out just like my aunt

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Organic Short-sleeved Baby Bodysuit

Fresh air for small arms: Baby bodysuit with short sleeves for warmer days. Change the bodysuit in a jiffy: Folded shoulder seams that stretch when dressing the baby.
  • 3 Nickel-free snap fasteners
  • Rugged quality Consistency: 200g/m²
  • Fabrics: 100% organic cotton (heather grey: 85% organic cotton, 15% rayon)

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I drink until I pass out just like my aunt
Buy this ’drinking’ T-shirt for your (baby) nephew or niece. Make a funny family statement with a ‘I drink until I pass out just like my aunt’ T-shirt or baby by birth or pregnancy.
Tags: I, alcohol, aunt, baby, beer, birth, bottle, drink, drunk, fall asleep, feed, funny, just, like, milk, nephew, niece, out, pass, pregnancy, pregnant, sleep, thirsty, until, wine
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