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Animal T-shirts that earn their stripes

Animals come in many different shapes and sizes, from the magnificent elephants who roam the savannahs to the tiny fish who swim in the sea, and the range of colours on display is truly breath taking, and that’s just the tail of the peacocks. All of this is why the range of designs available in our Marketplace is so varied and colourful, featuring animal print T-shirts, modern designs, designs proclaiming your love for specific species and of course our ever popular ‘Not tested on animals’ T-shirt.

This T-shirt was tested on animals – it didn’t fit

A classic of our animal T-shirts range, and one of the most popular T-shirts across our whole collection. One of the great things about this T-shirt is that it is fully customisable. You can change the colour and style of the shirt, the colour and print method as well as adding additional text and resizing the design to make it perfect for you. Along with this design and many others, Spreadshirt also offers the chance to create truly unique personalised T-shirts using our T-shirt designer. The online tool lets you create and print the design exactly how you want it. Uploading photos of favourite pets is just one idea of where to start. So be creative, be wild and create the T-shirt you’ve always wanted.

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