All I Want for Christmas are Working Days, Rain & Susans

Spreadshirt’s CEO Writes his Christmas List

Dear Santa,
CEOs are always difficult people to buy for, so what do we really want for Christmas? I’m not so bothered about the day itself, it’s the run-up that I have a wish list for. For a perfect ecommerce Christmas please can we have:

  • As few weekends as possible? I need as many delivery days and as few high street shopping days as possible. Christmas Day on a Sunday would be perfect.
  • Rain but no snow? More rain means staying inside and shopping online, but snow will bring delivery challenges with it (especially in the UK!).
  • Creativity inspired by good news? Something like the ice-bucket challenge, but without the ice and on a t-shirt (*makes note to get the marketing team on this for next year*).
  • More Susans? The in-house name for our target customer; Susan does more shopping for family and friends which means a higher basket.
  • Products not vouchers? We’d much rather people received a customised hoody than a voucher which they may not use. It’s the thought that counts, as we all know, at Christmas.

Then all I need on Christmas Day is dinner with my loved ones and the sense of relief which comes with the last delivery.


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