Facts & Figures

Company Name:
Spread Group (sprd.net AG) | founded in 2002 as GmbH

Germany | Giesserstrasse 27, 04229 Leipzig
USA | 1572 Roseytown Road | Greensburg, PA 15601

www.spreadgroup.com | www.spreadgroup.com/de

Lukasz Gadowski | Matthias Spiess (Co-founder)

About us:

Spread Group is a collection of five digital brands that empowers self-expression. We enable individuals and businesses to express themselves with print-on-demand products they can use, wear and carry.

The core of our business model is based on the idea that we only print what the customer wants when they want it. Consumers and businesses can customise clothing and accessories with Create Your Own. Spreadshirt Marketplace connects our global designer community with customers on Spreadshirt domains and External Marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay.  Entrepreneurs can sell merch via their own free online Spreadshop. Groups can get their matching kit at TeamShirts. Finally, SPOD gives merchants using external shop systems access to our network of fulfillment facilities.


Founded in 2002, today our brands connect with customers, businesses, designers and sellers in over 170 countries via 18 domains in 12 languages. Powered by five production facilities across the United States and Europe, we deliver on-demand printing solutions at market-leading speeds with sustainable practices.

In 2020, we hit global revenue of € 169 million, printed more than 9.8 million items and employed 1000 people from 40 countries.


Employees:  > 1000

Figures 2020:

  • £144m (169 million euros)
  • 9.8 million products sent to over 170 countries
  • 110.000 active selling partners

Dr. Julian de Grahl I CEO Spread Group (Managing Director)
Tobias Schaugg I CFO Spread Group
Hanne Dinkel I CCDO Spread Group
Jürgen Krisch I CTO Spread Group
Hugo Smoter | CCO Spread Group

Germany I Leipzig, Berlin
USA I Greensburg (PA)

Production Facilities:
Germany I Leipzig
Poland I Legnica
Czech Republic I Krupka
USA I Greensburg (PA), Las Vegas (NV)

Other Brands:
TeamShirts | A site specialising in group orders

SPOD (Spreadshirt Print-On-Demand) I a fast, top-quality print-on-demand (POD) drop shipping service for third-party points-of-sale.

Download Factsheet (pdf): Factsheet UK April 2021