Earn Money with YouTube and T-shirt Merchandising

YouTube to collaborate with the creative platform Spreadshirt

Berlin /Boston, 10 August 2010. They are between 18 and 70. They have – at least – one good idea a week and they spread these ideas through the social media for professional purposes. With their homemade videos, songs and a some prank videos to boot, they cast their spell on millions of YouTube users.

Where there’s an audience, there is also oodles of money to be made. Most of those who cash in are YouTube partners, who earn tidy sums in advertising revenue from the video-sharing platform. Another opportunity to earn money lies in t-shirt merchandising. Some of the most successful YouTube users also use Spreadshirt. They open up a free t-shirt shop, make shirts and accessories for their fans and use them in their social media network. The promotions run not only on YouTube, but also on Facebook, Twitter or Daily Booth and result in hundreds of fan shirt sales every month.

  • Shane Dawson, ranked third among the most-subscribed to YouTube users worldwide, is one of them. The 22 year old has already been active for 2 years and is known for his foul mouth, his choice of wigs and a penchant for social criticism. Dawson regularly updates his shop, and keeps stocked up on t-shirts relevant to themes and issues of the moment. “Spreadshirt is ideal for merchandising. It just works well and is quick and stress free. The shirts are great quality and are delivered very quickly to the customer. Making money with Spreadshirt on YouTube is child’s play,” adds Dawson.
  • Another example of how to boost your income from YouTube with t-shirt merchandising is Y-Titty from Germany. Behind it are three guys from Bavaria who are among the top 10 most subscribed to YouTube channels. With their Y-titty videos they reach a wide audience whether by prank videos or videos with stories from everyday life, what the guys originally started off with. Everything is under the premise of “having fun”. Unlike Dawson, their Merchandising Shop is more a pure fan shop than anything else. That doesn’t hurt their profits though!
  • The female sex is also active on YouTube, and when it comes to Spreadshirt, very active. iJustine and Brittani Lousie Taylor are two of the top females on YouTube. Both tell stories of daily life and their respective vices (for one it’s her iPhone, for the other it’s mini cakes), both in their videos as well as on t-shirts available for their fans.

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Contact for collaborations: Konrad Marx kooperationen@spreadshirt.net

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