Expert Advice for More Success in Your Spreadshirt Shop

Spreadshirt helps novices with a little help from our friends

Mar 09, 2011 – It is Spreadshirt’s goal to create a global creative platform for fashion and apparel which gives room for ideas as well as messages on t-shirts. Creative minds can easily put pen to paper, or, to be more specific put print to fabrics when designing ideas to be reproduced on t-shirts, bags or jackets. Look at it like designing your own fashion line which you can then offer for sale online. Spreadshirt takes over all things related to production, payment settlement and shipping so that the shop owners can fully concentrate on the content in their shops and its merchandising. Currently there are some 70,000 Spreadshirt shops using this free of charge shop system worldwide.

The Spreadshirt blog assists shop keepers in finding new inspiration and advice for making the shop more successful. Some shops look back at years of experience and success so that those who have been able to operate their business successfully can offer good advice to people who are new to the market. In next week’s blog you can read about the “Partner for Partner” advice. There is no big secret recipe that those shop owners share, just a few very good tips on what to consider when creating a design, how you can tie in a shop with your website and which marketing channels work best. It will also bring light to their experience with pricing.

Until a t-shirt becomes a big seller, a few fundamental matters need to receive attention. You don’t want to see your shop come unstuck because your html knowledge is not up to scratch, you don’t know how to market your products or you have no idea about SEO. Here are 5 basic life skills for keeping a successful shop:

1. Shop Partner’s Stories – Need for inspiration
Emulating role models works best. Read on how the most successful of our shop partners turned a simple idea into a success story.

2. Spreaducation – How to give birth to an idea
Starting a business is never easy. In a nutshell, Spreadshirt will tell you what to consider when creating your first t-shirt. By means of illustrative examples and links to articles on SEO and marketing, the Spreaducation manual guide is an ideal companion for shop novices.

3. Video Tutorials – Watch this
Manuals can sometimes leave you more confused than you were in the beginning. We don’t want to see you surrender to a jumble of words, so we have created some video footage of the most important basic steps to creating a successful shop. Have a look at our youtube clips.

4. Forum – Teamwork
There will always be something that causes a problem. You are not alone, so ask the Spreadshirt community for help or read about how people tackled similar problems. The best solutions emerge from discussions!

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