Having a Fenton moment?

Spreadshirt Shop Partners offer Fenton clothing

LONDON, 25 November 2011, We all have Fenton moments when we want to chase the deer, or find ourselves trying to stop the out of control deer chaser. For those Fenton days there’s already a variety of clothing available from two designers. So if you’ve seen the clip and downloaded the ringtone, you can now order the t-shirt.

Clothing-commerce platform, Spreadshirt, was able to quickly establish online shops yesterday for designers Luke Forsythe, who features the Labrador under his originally assumed name of Benton, as well as Fenton, (https://benton.spreadshirt.co.uk) and Mike Afford, who offers Beware of the Deer signs and just plain Fenton! (https://fenton.spreadshirt.co.uk) on t-shirts and hoodies in a colour, style and size to suit you.

Spreadshirt’s print-on-demand technology enables individuals and brands to bring their ideas to life on clothing with limited initial investment risk for its shop partners. The speed at which a design idea can be for sale, the quality of the clothing and quick delivery times ensure a customer-friendly experience. Spreadshirt Shop Partners can quickly and easily open their own custom (white label) online shop as a seamless extension to their websites. Spreadshirt in turn, handles all the stocking, online orders, payments, delivery (within 3-5 days in the UK) and returns, leaving the campaign group to focus on solely on its main activity and promoting its shop.

About Spreadshirt
Founded in 2002 in Leipzig Germany, Spreadshirt (www.spreadshirt.co.uk) is a global company with headquarters in Germany and the United States and factories in North America, Germany and Poland to allow rapid delivery to customers. For additional information, visit Spreadshirt on Twitter, Flickr or Facebook.

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