Hugh’s Fish Fight Supporters Spread the Message with Spreadshirt

Campaigners bring message to life with clothing

London, 13 September 2011, Hugh’s Fish Fight ( supporters are spreading the world about the campaign to end the use of discards in European waters, using Spreadshirt’s ( customisable clothing to get the message into new places and sharing the pictures with others. Following the 8 August programme, supporters have been sharing photographs online of themselves and their babies in the customisable t-shirts and babygrows.

Sales also spiked. Up by 95%, in the week after the programme, with men’s Fish Fight t-shirts being the most popular. Aprons are the third highest seller; with Save Some Fish For Me tote bags and babygrows also popular.

Nick Underhill, Managing Director at Hugh’s Fish Fight, said “our supporters are keen to demonstrate and share their commitment to the campaign. Customisable clothing allows them to take the message to traditionally hard to reach areas, and share that with other campaigners”.

Philip Rooke, CEO at Spreadshirt said “Hugh’s Fish Fight has been an extremely active and successful not-for-profit campaign; raising awareness of discards across Europe with its compelling programmes. They have also successfully used clothing to build a greater awareness of their campaign and encourage support. The customisation aspect of Spreadshirt’s offering means supporters can create something in a style and size to suit them; from babygrows to aprons. By creating something they will want to wear the message is more likely to be seen in spaces which are traditionally difficult to reach”.

Nick Underhill continued, “As a not-for-profit organisation we’re looking only to raise awareness through the sale of clothing, not to benefit financially. Spreadshirt’s offering means we can offer customisable t-shirts, aprons and babygrows at limited risk. Our supporters create something they want to wear and, as Spreadshirt deals with warehousing, dispatching and payments, we can concentrate on the campaign”.

By using Spreadshirt’s print-on-demand technology, its Shop Partners have a flexible c-commerce offering, bringing ideas to life via multiple channels; white label shops, social media shops, Spreadshirt marketplaces and third party e-commerce sites. Print-on-demand technology means that each item of clothing can be printed as it is ordered. This removes the need for a large investment upfront, or surplus stock.

Spreadshirt’s fulfilment service handles everything from production and payment to shipping and customer service for its Shop Partners.

Philip Rooke sums up, “our technology means that good quality, engaging clothing is increasingly something that campaigns of any size can use to reach a wider audience.”

About Hugh’s Fish Fight is the campaign hub accompanying Hugh’s Fish Fight and will be continuing its work over the coming months. Here you can find out more about the issues raised in Hugh’s Fish Fight and lend your support to the campaign. You can also follow the progress of Hugh’s Fish Fight on Facebook and Twitter.
Hugh’s Fish Fight champions sustainable seafood and celebrates lesser known delicacies of the deep. It is supported by a wide coalition of environmental Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and, we hope, by a growing number of fishermen and policy makers too. A vital part of the campaign, and the area where we are currently looking for public support, is the issue of discards at sea.

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