Hurricane Bawbag leaves OFFSHORE survivor t-shirts in its wake

Spreadshirt platform sees rise in hurricane designs

London, 9 December 2011, Clothing-commerce platform, Spreadshirt ( saw a rise in hurricane designs on its Marketplace on Thursday and the creation of a new online shop, I Survived Hurricane BawBag ( Get Around Glasgow and Classic Weather Icons also extended their ranges to include BawBag clothing. By using Spreadshirt’s clothing-commerce offering and print-on-demand technology, some of these designs were available and selling by 3pm on Thursday afternoon.

On Friday 9th, Spreadshirt was contacted by workers on a rig 140 miles north-east of Shetland asking if they can have a commemorative shirt. Get Around Glasgow is preparing a special version; I Survived Hurricane Bawbag OFFSHORE. (

The 8th December saw the twitter hashtag #hurricanebawbag trend worldwide as the north of the country was lashed by cold winds, which reached up to 138.5mph in the Orkney Islands. Hardy survivors can now choose from a range of designs, including up-turned umbrellas, the slogan ‘one of our trampolines is missing’ and a collection of extreme weather symbols including a limited edition pressure chart ( Wearers can choose from a range of t-shirts, hoodies and bags in a style, colour and size to suit them.

Spreadshirt shop partners can bring their design ideas to life through white label and social media shops or the Spreadshirt market place. Print-on-demand technology means that each item of clothing is printed only when it is ordered. This removes the need for a large investment upfront, or surplus stock. Spreadshirt’s fulfilment service handles everything from production and payment to shipping and customer service for its Shop Partners.

About Spreadshirt
Spreadshirt ( is the leading multi-channel clothing commerce platform for creating, buying and selling personalised apparel. For the more than 35,000 active online shops selling around the world in 2010, the Spreadshirt c-commerce platform offers a flexible, risk-free, print-on-demand approach. Spreadshirt’s fulfilment service handles everything from production and payment to shipping and customer service.

The platform provides multiple channels to bring customers’ ideas to life on clothing. These channels include 3rd party e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, white label and social media shops, and countless other applications using Spreadshirt’s API.

Founded in 2002 in Leipzig Germany, Spreadshirt is a global company with Headquarters in Germany and the United States and factories in North America, Germany and Poland to allow rapid delivery to customers. For additional information, visit Spreadshirt on Twitter, Flickr or Facebook .

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