In the Spotlight: The Marketplace Designer of the Month

Spreadshirt’s Marketplace has a lot to offer. Next to offering a home to more than ten million crowd-sourced designs ― contributed by some of the web’s most talented independent designers ― it highlights the diversity of our international community of partners. This series present the Designer of the Month.

In the Spotlight: The Marketplace Designer of the Month February Lobitos


February is often known for being a month dedicated to love. Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th) and Love Your Pet Day (Feb 20th) are less than one week apart! Is that a coincidence? When talking about the Designer of the Month in February, Lobitos, we know that greyhounds have found their way into her heart.


Lobitos inspires with imaginative and colourful designs for dog, cat, and bird lovers.




Designer of the Month January 2021 Strandmuschel

The German designer Strandmuschel kicks off the series with their playful and wintery designs that have an appeal for adults and children alike.

    Strandmuschel this or that    Strandmuschel Winter foy

These fanciful images will make even those who are no winter fans fall in love with the cold season. Don’t you agree?

    Penguin ice skating design from Strandmuschel    polar bear and comet design from Strandmuschel

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