Organic Wins – Demand Surpasses Supply

A glance at the cotton statistics: the Spreadshirt Trend Report, part 25 / March 2010

London/Leipzig, 24 March 2010: To Mother Nature’s joy, the trend is moving to organic textiles. The amount of organic product sales has surpassed its percentage of the Spreadshirt Assortment for the first time since their introduction in 2006. 2010, the year of bio-diversity, has brought both an extended range of new organic colours as well as an increase of shops which exclusively sell organic products. This trend report delves into the ever-growing demand for green shirts.

Spreadshirt’s organic apparel assortment chimes in with 13 products in more than 20 colours, accounting for a 4.5% of the entire product range. This percentage has increased from year to year since its introduction in 2006 at 1.4% of the assortment. Compared with an eightfold increase in sales from the introductory year (0.6%), last year established a new record. For the first time, the demand was higher than the supply: 4.8% of all products sold came from the organic apparel assortment.

“We are getting more and more requests for organic products,” says Anne Pollmer, responsible for the apparel assortment at Spreadshirt. “And this is not only from customers, but also from our suppliers. Their product range is continually increasing and becoming even more attractive. Trendy colours and modern styles, as well as interesting mixes of materials like bamboo or recycled fabrics are now available for us to add to our assortment.”

Edinburgh and Guildford top off the list of UK cities where Spreadshirt’s organic assortment is most popular. The amount of products sold there are almost three times higher than the national average. The design of these products points out that these shirts are not being used to make statements about the environment. The most popular designs for these organic products come from our top sellers: hearts, crowns and princesses. Evidence shows that a large amount of sales come from organic products for kids and babies: popular organic product texts are “Grad 2027”, “daddy’s girl” or “big brother”.

In addition to Spreadshirt’s kids and babies assortment, customers looking for adult-sizes can also find articles made from sustainable production – certified according to the “Global Organic Textile Standard” (GOTS). Particularly noteworthy is the “Earth Positive” series from Continental Clothing. Their products are not only made from organic cotton, but also guarantee sustainable production and fair trade. The Earth Positive Shirt is also now available for men in dark red, peacock blue, moss green, as well as the standard colours white and black. The women’s equivalent is now newly available in purple; the Earth Positive Organic Tote also has the newly added colour magenta.

A completely different signal for the success of organic products: the number of Spreadshirt partner shops which exclusively sell organic products. From 2008 to 2009, the amount of organic-only shops has increased by 7%. Here is an list of three top organic Spreadshirt shops:

  • Knock Knock:
  • Barack Obama T-Shirt shop:
  • International Baby Shop:
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