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Organic Cotton Takes Center Stage at Spreadshirt

First print-on-demand provider to promote organic cotton in own collection

Spreadshirt is the first print-on-demand player in Europe to place organic cotton at the front and centre of its own collection. This strategic move is in response to changes in customer preferences. The self-expression ecommerce company has been offering sustainably produced organic products from various well-known suppliers such as Stanley / Stella and Continental Clothing since 2012. Currently, around 15% of all the apparel at Spreadshirt is available in organic cotton. Now Spreadshirt is launching its own Premium Organic Line, made from 100% certified organic cotton. This move will enhance the house brand and reflects the company’s position as the European market leader.

Spreadshirt own collection

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Wearable Content Creates First Commission Millionaire at Spreadshirt

Self-expression trend sees dramatic rise in designs and commission

The self-expression trend created the first commission millionaire (€1.1m) at ecommerce firm Spreadshirt. A second maker has earnt €975K in commission by finding niche ideas that speak to their YouTube tribe. And a third had an idea go viral, making €136K in one week (total earnings €480K).

In the digital world self-expression is everywhere, but slogan tees took off in real life in 2017 with the likes of Dior’s We Should All Be Feminists.Recently New Yorkmagazine turned headlines into slogan t-shirts and London label, Blouse, launched Just Harriedt-shirts on the back of the Royal Wedding.

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Spreadshirt 2017 Revenue Tops €100M For The First Time

Record Profits, Encouraging UK Growth and Over 77% Increase in Marketplace Partners

Sales, profit and users are up at Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company. In 2017 Spreadshirt increased growth and recorded an exceptional €8.2M EBITDA. The 15-year-old enterprise achieved this in a year when most of the competition lost ground.

Through simplification, strategic technology investments and a focus on the highly competitive USA market, Spreadshirt had a remarkable year, hitting a total revenue of more than €107 million globally. The UK showed encouraging revenue growth too; €4.7m, up over 5% from 2016. Worldwide, the self-expression global company has seen growth rate of 14.8% from 2016 to 2017. The Licensing business is also up 46% globally in 2017.

Growth Highlights in 2007.

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