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Get your Creative Cauldron Bubbling For Spreadshirt’s Horror Design Contest

Creatives Can Showcase Spooky Designs  to win £500

Like a graveyard ghost, Halloween is looming large on the horizon. This year, Spreadshirt, the self-expression e-commerce platform, is running a  ‘Horror’ design contest for the Halloween season – asking generally creative people, designers and illustrators from across the globe to show their most creative and creepy designs for the best in class marketplace designs for Halloween 2017.

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Spreadshirt Crushes 2017 Growth Numbers

Grand Plan Strategies Fully Unfolds and Fuels Global E-Commerce

The current numbers are in for Spreadshirt, the self-expression e-commerce company, and its grand plan for scaling up is gaining traction – especially in the U.S. The steady and systematic management style of this 15-year-old enterprise has resulted in profitability for over seven years as an online business. This approach allows them to run counter to the negative valuation issues or the boom and bust growth spirals of the competition. Even the entry of an industry giant like Amazon in print-on-demand merchandising did not slow the pace of Spreadshirt growth in the U.S. or the EU.

The Spreadshirt mantra is simple – aim to be the top website for self-expression e-commerce. Rather than getting distracted by chasing unicorns – the company pays attention to Seller’s patterns such as, Sellers moving away from promotion models and preferring to sell in marketplaces or white label shops. They stay focused on high margin areas and set the pace in create-your-own, marketplaces, and white label shops. Spreadshirt is the only one in the industry to offer all three options, so customers can find the right service for themselves and combine synergies. Despite overall market growth in print-on-demand, other entities are facing difficulty – Teespring for low valuation and CafePress for low earnings. Spreadshirt stands out as a winner with double digit growth this year. Read more

Keep Calm and Agree with Nick? 15 years of T-Shirt Designs

Self-expression Company Spreadshirt Celebrates with a Retrospective

This summer Spreadshirt celebrates 15 years in business with a look back at t-shirt design trends since 2002. From nerd jokes to Nick Clegg, the UK has expressed itself through wry humour, political statements and insouciant designs.

CEO, Philip Rooke, says, “we wanted to take a look at a decade and a half of on-person self-expression and honour all those messages reflecting a changing world through t-shirt designs over the last 15 years”.
15 years of t-shirt design history
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