Photo Editing Made Easy: Advanced Features in the Spreadshirt’s Customizer Design Tool

Instagram introduced photo filters to the general public years ago, and today filters have become an essential element in the world of professional and hobby photography. This is why Spreadshirt is expanding its photo features in the create-your-own area with filters: Sepia, Old School, Polaroid and many more at the click of a mouse.

Photo Features at Spreadshirt's create-your-own section

Customers can now use the new features to create photo gifts even more individually and colourfully. This looks great on apparel, mugs, pillows or even cuddly toys. In the Customizer Design Tool, uploaded images can be spiced up using a total of 13 available filters. From classic black-and-white retouching to playful colour-shifting, (almost) every colour taste is catered for here.

Photo Settings at Spreadshirt's create-your-own-section

Under Settings, you can adjust the brightness, contrast or even saturation of the photo using sliders.

In addition to the predefined filters and shapes, there is also the option to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation as well as sharpness of the photo using a slider. The new view option also allows users to switch between the product view and the zoom view with a single click to make best possible adjustments. “We are very pleased that our customers can now lend a personal touch to their photo memories. A colour makeover and another personalisation features can be added directly in the Customizer Design Tool. We are working on further features and usability improvements to keep expanding the customization area,” says Petra Jacobs, Senior Product Owner at Spreadshirt.

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