Spreadshirt & PIXELCOTTON Power New World Order for Gamer Merch

Curated platform elevates gamer wearable art in version 2.0

Spreadshirt, the e-commerce platform for spreading ideas on something tangible, has revamped the technology powering their newest brand,  PIXELCOTTON, to disrupt the status quo in gaming merchandise. The latest version sets the gold standard in creating the next generation of must-have gaming merchandise. The enhancements allow true gamers to deviate from the boring mainstream official static designs and choose interactive technology that connects fashion and the love of gaming.  PIXELCOTTON’s technology is advanced, scalable and best-in-class for global print-on-demand apparel and accessories.

“There is no one-design-fits-all for gamers. Communities that know the game want to recognise it, encode it and share it with a highly selective group that really cares about it. Gamers always have their heads in the game, so any attire and accessories should be akin to actually wearing the game,” says Claudia Schindela, Spreadshirt’s Global Head of Gaming and Master Chief of  PIXELCOTTON. She continues, “The creators at  PIXELCOTTON have combined the elements that matter in fusing gaming with fashion. These innovators are real gamers and have 20+ years combined experience in transforming gaming designs into wearable art. This allows any enthused gamer to really define their own style and show it off in true gamer fashion.”

Gaming meets fashion in PIXELCOTTON designs for titles that include The Witcher and Assassin’s Creed. To non-gamers, the designs just look cool, only other gamers can detect the gaming references. The range of clothing and designs will be extended from classic comic and fun styles to rock, streetwear, urban and military. And, PIXELCOTTON is helping publishers reach out to their players with a gamification feature that allows products to be unlocked with the right in-game achievement.

The latest enhancements to PIXELCOTTON include:

  • A Steam integration that reveals new products unlocked based on game achievements
  • The ability for game publishers to reach precise audience based on playing patterns and achievements
  • Exclusive gamer design styles on fresh products that surpass the basic white t-shirt
  • Design collections for every style of gamer, including retro, FPS, and strategy
  • New designs added to the collections weekly, with discounts for the newest additions
  • A superior user experience for savvy gamers who relish in being embedded into the different worlds of each game category

PIXELCOTTON is onboarding several publishers, including entertainment brands and independent titles, onto the platform. They have issued an open call to development teams who want to partner with ardent merchandisers who are very connected to the gaming space. The partnership will expose their titles to a targeted community.

Spreadshirt and PIXELCOTTON have created the best gamer merchandise marketplace and are connecting global gaming communities — making them the go to brand for real gamers seeking themed apparel with this newly created, interactive category where fashion meets the gaming community.

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