Spreadshirt Expands Sales Channels with Cdiscount

Over 1,000 proven bestsellers being sold on new French online marketplace

On-person self-expression firm Spreadshirt has added the French online marketplace Cdiscount. It now sells via nine external marketplaces, which include Amazon and eBay. Cdiscount has more than 16 million customers – every third French online shopper. The global expansion of Spreadshirt’s sales network to include external marketplaces, as well as its own, is an important part of the 93m EUR company’s growth strategy.

Screenshot Spreadshirt on Cdiscount French external marketplace

“Every external marketplace is slightly different” explains Tino Liebich, Global Head of External Marketplaces at Spreadshirt. “Cdiscount shoppers are clearly really fast! We wanted to be online in time for the present-giving season and they started buying as soon as we launched”. Spreadshirt is starting by putting over 1,000 of the bestsellers from its own Marketplace on Cdiscount.

Tino Liebich continues “we love the challenge of understanding new customers. Buyers on eBay watch offers carefully and only buy when the price goes down. They’re also much more likely to contact us before buying than Amazon customers. Each marketplace has its own laws for sellers too; like the specifications for quoting or the topic of seller fees”.

In 2016, external marketplaces accounted for 5% of Spreadshirt’s total revenue. But in 2017, strong growth is emerging in this area. “We’re already around 50% up on last year, so we have great confidence in our Christmas business,” says Tino Liebich. “In the near future, the main focus will be on optimising our now nine external marketplaces. There is still potential in the product selection, presentation and pricing. Plus, we want to do things like create additional country stores in marketplaces that are very successful for us, such as eBay and Amazon”.

Spreadshirt is active in the following nine marketplaces worldwide:
– Amazon: Germany, France, UK, USA
– eBay: Germany, USA
– Sears: USA
– Rakuten: USA
– Cdiscount: France

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