Spreadshirt Helping Small Businesses Widen Their Marketing Scope

London- 15 August 2011: Spreadshirt the leading multi-channel clothing commerce platform announces its latest small business shop partners. In challenging market conditions, small business, entrepreneurs and individuals are finding innovative ways of spreading their message and extending their marketing spend.

The company’s print-on-demand technology is facilitating these budding businesses active online to voice their brand messages offline through customisable clothing and accessories. In this manner, small businesses are widening their marketing scope and engaging with their customers by converting their marketing ideas into promotional customisable clothing that can also be available for sale via multiple channels, such as white label shops, social media shops, Spreadshirt marketplaces, 3rd party ecommerce sites and countless other applications using Spreadshirt’s API.

The Spreadshirt online custom clothing platform offers limited initial investment risk for its shop partners, whilst the speed at which a design idea can be for sale, the quality of the clothing and accessories and quick delivery times ensure a customer-friendly experience. Spreadshirt shop-partners can quickly and easily open their own custom (white label) online shop as a seamless extension to their websites. Spreadshirt in turn, handles all the stocking, online orders, payments, delivery (within 3-5 days in the UK) and returns, leaving shop partners to focus solely on their main activity and promoting their shops.

New Spreadshirt shop-partners include:

Showcasing their summer 2011 collection. Chokdog says nothing in life really makes any sense, so don’t question things you like! All of their designs are available for guys and girls with some limited editions. Chokdog is only available online and sold exclusively from Chokdog.co.uk.

Stay Up Forever (SUF) is the original acid techno record label established in 1993 by London DJs Chris, Aaron and Julian Liberator. SUF soon became a collective incorporating new music labels such as The Liberator’s Cluster, D.A.V.E. The Drummer’s Hydraulix, Guy McAffer’s RAW and DJ Ant’s Powertools to name a few.

A site aimed at gamers of all ages. Users can submit their own content, which can if interesting, be added to the main site. They want to hear about gaming experiences and what is important to gamers. The site has a forum and they release a new podcast each week.

Team Skylinepart is a professional drift team owned and run by Anthony ‘Scotty’ Scott. Originally competing using a Nissan Skyline, Scotty has since built and competes in a Nissan Sil80 S13 known as the “Rocket Bunny”. This is the UK’s most well-known, and most photographed drift car. Competing predominantly in the Drift Allstars European Series (formerly JDM Allstars) and a handful of other special events, the team travel all over the UK and Europe drawing massive attention wherever the Rocket Bunny hops up.

FunnyJunk is an internet image/message board where users post “junk” that is funny, usually based around internet memes. It gets around 11,000,000 page views per day and has very avid followers. The followers of the site have been crying out for a store where they can buy various prints and merchandise that is linked to the FunnyJunk site and internet memes.

The term internet meme is a phrase used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the internet, much like an esoteric inside joke.

About Spreadshirt
Founded in 2002 in Leipzig Germany, Spreadshirt is a global online custom clothing platform with headquarters in Germany and the United States and factories in North America, Germany and Poland to allow rapid delivery to customers.  For additional information, visit Spreadshirt on Twitter, Flickr or Facebook.

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