Spreadshirt Launches Intelligent Merchandising for Drinks Brands

Ecommerce Platform to Invigorate Summer 2013 Campaigns

London – 21 May 2013 – Spreadshirt, the ecommerce platform that lets anyone create, sell and buy ideas on things consumers love to wear, use and carry, has recently launched successful high-engagement campaigns with drinks brands, connecting the online and offline sphere. More and more companies are involving their customers creating new flavors, looks and especially individual merchandise. Spreadshirt offers the tools to make the customer a brand advocate within the brand’s corporate identity. Brands looking for a unique and individual campaign can have it ready for launch within a week’s time, including it in ongoing activities or to start off Summer 2013.

The dedicated Spreadshirt team can work with brands to develop bespoke ideas and designs. By using Spreadshirt’s ecommerce platform, drinks brands can sell or give away their design ideas, allowing consumers their own merchandise and design choices within the brand identity. For example, Newcastle Brown Ale asked consumers to put their own slogans on lightly branded t-shirts for their USA launch and offered coupons with a discount to buy their handiwork. Oasis in France has announced its first FruitStore Collection celebrating passing the 3m fan mark on Facebook using Spreadshirt’s API to establish their online store.

Spreadshirt CEO, Philip Rooke, explains, “The drinks industry has very strong brands with interesting campaigns, every consumer has a favourite drink and many are passionate brand advocates. That is why merchandising was a key part of the drinks industry. However, traditional merchandising; one design, one colour and often one size give-aways, fails the consumer”. He continues “with our platform, there is no longer an issue around costly niche products or selecting and stocking products that involved risky forecasting, out of pocket costs, and waste. Whatever the weather this summer, we have the right piece of clothing for your campaign”.

Spreadshirt’s offering can create a white-label online shop on the brand’s website and add designs to sell or give away via vouchers online. Its platform allows the consumer to choose an idea and place it on any of the 140 products, which are then printed only on demand. Consumers get exactly what they want, within brand limits, and there is no risk to the brand in terms of stock or set up. It costs nothing to design, use, and share an idea on the Spreadshirt platform. It also reduces route to market costs, removing the expense and complexity involved in website development, fulfillment and transactions.

Antje Kundt, European Sales Director, at Spreadshirt commented, “Print-on-demand, combined with customisation tools means brands can involve their customers and encourage them identify them with you. Advocates get what they really want without brands having to guess the taste of your customers and pre-produce. Our online shops can be set-up in a matter of days, so drinks brands can still now surprise their consumers with products they love to wear, use, and carry to this summer’s campaigns.”

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