Spreadshirt Launches New App to Improve Partner Experience

Partners to benefit from on-the-go access to key aspects of their business

Spreadshirt, the ecommerce platform for spreading ideas on something tangible, has launched the free App “Spreadshirt Partner” for Apple and Android devices. The platform’s 70,000 partners now have mobile access to sales alerts, promotions, pricing details and can view their orders of best-selling products and designs. This data will drive sales by improving marketing and product choice.

Spreadshirt is the only company to offer three different models on one platform: selling via marketplaces, via white-label ecommerce shops, and via the create-your-own technology. This app will enable all Spreadshirt partners to access key aspects of their online business on the move. From listings, orders, new products and promotions details, it will provide them with real-time data they can use to grow their businesses. It is currently available in three languages: English, German and French.


“Having your own merchandise shop or selling via our marketplaces is exciting. Each sale creates a happy moment for our partners. This app enables them to get real-time information when orders are placed. It also means faster feedback on the impact their ideas have with their audience.” says Philip Rooke, CEO at Spreadshirt.

Features of the Partner App currently include:

  • Sales details available at a glance. Data from SpreadShops (white-label shop system), Spreadshirt Marketplace and third party marketplaces (e.g. Amazon, eBay) all in one place.
  • Quick and real-time sales alerts and overview
  • Analysis of best-selling products and designs
  • Push-notifications with news about upcoming promotions and new products to print on
  • Current and recent sales information available any time

The app is the latest implementation of the platform’s agile mobile technology developments, with in-house designers and developers continuously working on improving user experience. Partners are encouraged to give feedback on existing features and designs via special user forums.

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