Spreadshirt moves into gaming apparel with Pixel Cotton launch

Online platform dedicated to the gamer lifestyle

Spreadshirt, the ecommerce platform for spreading ideas on something tangible, is broadening its reach into gaming merchandise with the global launch of Pixel Cotton. This latest addition to the Spreadshirt family marks a new approach that exclusively targets an audience dedicated to videogame gear.

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The site allows users to shop game merchandise and has been specifically curated to respond to the needs of the gaming community. Not for the once-in-a-while gamer, Pixel Cotton allows expert players to find the latest in gamer fashion, as well as connect and engage with other global gamers.

“The gaming community, players and game publishers, have very specific requirements, memes, themes and attitudes. This is apparent in the apparel they wear and also the sites where they interact with games and gaming merchandise. Pixel Cotton as our newest project is designed to give the gaming community the Spreadshirt platform capabilities in a gaming space.” says Philip Rooke, CEO of Spreadshirt. He adds “Pixel Cotton should feel like home to the gaming community and will be the top pick for getting their game face on. In particular, we aim to make easier for publishers to interact through Pixel Cotton with their gamers.”

The Pixel Cotton site currently offers three levels of access:
1. Unregistered users: have access to starter designs with no exclusive content
2. Registered users: have access to starter designs and exclusive Pixel Cotton content
3. Registered users connected via the gaming entertainment platform, Steam: have access to a personalised dashboard with exclusive designs matching game preferences, and have the possibility to earn credits and unlock additional designs based on achievements. Games already featured include: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, ARK: Survival Evolved, and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Get into the merchandising game — early access users are encouraged to give feedback on existing features and designs. Be the first to check out exclusive in-game achievements, earn points towards discounts, and shape a gaming world that is truly your own! For more information, please visit www.pixelcotton.com or follow Pixel Cotton on Facebook and on Twitter via @PixelCotton.

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