Spreadshirt Moves To Your Walls

Self-Expression Firm Gives Designers Access to Billion Dollar Market

Spreadshirt, the on-person, self-expression firm has moved on-wall. The company will now include wall prints in the range it offers to its 80,000 creators, who use the Spreadshirt Shops and Marketplace to sell their designs.

The wall décor market in Europe is expected to reach US$19.68bn by 2021[1]. Within this sector wall prints are seen as a premium product. There is also a shifting trend towards custom-designed apparels in the UK, which Spreadshirt sees extending to wall prints.

This development into a high growth market will give Spreadshirt’s creatives a new way to express their ideas and earn money. The first wall print formats are just the beginning; Spreadshirt has a pipeline of new products and functionalities to follow and is looking forward to feedback from its designers.

CEO Philip Rooke said, “this is a major step forward for Spreadshirt. We want to make it simple for our designers to create exciting ideas they want the want the world to see. Wall prints were a logical next step for our Shops and Marketplace offering. It brings us into a new market and meets our business development objectives”. He continued, “The UK is the largest individual market in the European custom t-shirt space. It’s also full of creative people who we want to empower with new ways to realise their designs. We’re very interested to hear what our current and new shop owners and marketplace designers think about the opportunity”.

To begin with wall prints will come in three formats and nine sizes, but the product line is set to grow as Spreadshirt rolls out new ideas.

About Spreadshirt Wall Prints

Spreadshirt wall prints will be available in three formats and nine sizes: Rectangular 2:3, 3:2 (20x30cm, 40×60 cm, 60×90 cm and 30×20 cm, 60×40 cm, 90×60 cm) and square 1:1 (20×20 cm, 40×40 cm, 60×60 cm). The paper quality is 250g, photopaper is matte and the bleed 2mm. Uploaded files and designs have to fulfill the requirements: 1:1 or 2:3 or 3:2 in max size. For best results designers should upload 300dpi, but 200dpi is possible (minimum). The maximum size is 100 Mpx and 100 MB. Wall Art is only available for pixel files (not vector).

[1] https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20170411006103/en/Wall-D%C3%A9cor-Market-Europe—Global-Forecast

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