Spreadshirt sees 20 percent growth in orders via mobile devices

Nearly half of visits to the ecommerce site now from smartphones and tablets

Spreadshirt, the ecommerce platform for spreading ideas on something tangible, has seen a 20% rise in the global number of orders received from tablets and smartphones, in the first half of 2016. There was also a seven percent increase in orders across all devices.

The company compared data from January-June 2016 to the same period last year. It shows that nearly half of all visitors to the site now come via a mobile device. Around 5.4 million visits per month are from smartphone or tablet devices. This represents a 28 percent increase compared to the same period last year. There was also a 20 percent increase in monthly visits across all devices, over the same period.

The results underline the industry-wide trend that mobile is the driving force within ecommerce. It is also evidence that the company’s ongoing investment in mobile is driving revenue growth and engagement, and is providing an increasingly attractive mobile experience for customers and partners too. In recent months, the entire Spreadshirt marketplace has been optimised specifically for mobile use and now boasts an improved layout and design.

Philip Rooke, CEO at Spreadshirt says “Our company motto is ‘mobile-first’. For smartphone and tablet users every touch is important, so it has to be simple, fast, and fun for them to explore and buy from our platform.”

He adds “We have already made significant investment in reducing complexity on the site. This investment will continue and we have already made several noteworthy improvements, including the introduction of the Touch T-shirt Design Tool and a fully mobile-optimised Spreadshirt Marketplace. This means our customers can easily browse, buy and also design products from our platform via a mobile device. We are now working on making it easier and quicker for sellers to upload and trade across all channels in all countries, and to earn money with Spreadshirt.”

The mobile journey continues for Spreadshirt, with a seller app and partner area relaunch planned in the next few months. This will improve user-experience and simplify the international merchandising business for partners.

Figures at a glance (Jan-June 2016 vs Jan-June 2015):
•    5.4m visits on mobile per month globally
•    50% of visitors are mobile visitors
•    28% increase of mobile visitors globally
•    20% increase on mobile orders globally
•    20% increase of visitors, all devices, globally
•    7% increase on orders from all devices globally

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