Spreadshirt Sees Over 40% Growth in Global Smartphone Orders

Share of orders via smartphone up 73% across UK & Europe

Spreadshirt, the e-commerce platform for spreading ideas on something tangible, today confirms skyrocketing mobile traffic and sales numbers. Spreadshirt experienced over 40% growth in smartphone orders in 2016 compared to 2015. This increase reinforces the company’s plans to continue their steep investments in their mobile strategy and broaden the focus on enhancing and developing new mobile tools.

Spreadshirt CEO Phil Rooke. “There is no mobile-first strategy – mobile is the strategy.” He continued, “We know that half of Spreadshirt website visitors come from smartphones or tablets, and we see strong mobile sales growth in the UK, Europe and the USA. Our investments in improving our mobile experience have been affirmed and it strengthens our commitment to make this a top priority in 2017 as well”.

Globally, Spreadshirt has experienced a record 34% of orders placed via mobile devices. Other notable data points from the European market, which includes the UK, are:

  • 21% of online orders via a smartphone, 8% via tablet
  • Share of orders via smartphone alone up 73% year-on-year
  • Share of visits via mobile device up by 47%
  • Over 2.5m visits via phone and tablet

In recognition of the importance of the mobile experience for selling partners, Spreadshirt has created unique tools specifically designed to help them drive sales and to improve the shopping experience for customers, including the following:

  • Partner App – A mobile app for Spreadshirt sellers to experience a real-time, effortless overview of selling activity. The app helps drive sales by allowing the user to review details about orders, monitor sales statistics, and receive push notifications about new Spreadshirt products and promotions.
  • Partner Area – A mobile-friendly command center where sellers can manage their ideas and shops and publish new designs and products internationally in just the click of a button.
  • Unified user experience – Ongoing investments, platform optimisations and simplifications have provided a more consistent experience for both consumers and partners. All are offered the same features and services; regardless of browser or device used to shop or visit.

The Spreadshirt grand plan in 2017 is to challenge for market leadership in the USA, grow the partner business globally and strengthen its position in the UK & Europe. This supports the company’s mission to become a $1B entity publishing any idea on anything in under 60 seconds. A best in class mobile strategy is a key component to eclipsing the competition.

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