Spreadshirt TV Campaign Comes to UK Today: Designs for Every Emotion

E-commerce platform Targets 25-40 Age Group in ITV Regions

London, 2 June 2014, Spreadshirt has today brought its European TV campaign to the UK, for the first time since 2012. View the Spreadshirt advert here http://youtu.be/JQc77LJ2HyU. The e-commerce platform that enables people and brands to create, sell and buy ideas on merchandising is targeting the ITV Central and ITV Meridian regions from the 2nd to 22nd June. The 10 and 20 second adverts are aimed at 25-40 year olds and will be broadcast from early morning coffee until post peak viewing, later in the evening.

Spreadshirt TV spot - designs for every emotion, products for every occasion

Spreadshirt TV spot – designs for every emotion, products for every occasion

Spreadshirt’s first TV campaign for 2014 was designed by Spreadshirt and DC Media Networks. It is aimed at consumers with a simple and effective message: “Designs for every emotion, products for every occasion.” Spreadshirt lets you share all the emotions of everyday life, whatever they may be. The spot portraits characters from everyday life expressing their emotions and feelings on t-shirts.

The campaign has been rolling out across Europe in Germany, France and for the first time, Sweden. In the autumn, Spreadshirt will be targeting its business-to-business audience with a further advertising campaign in Germany & France.

“Clothing is always a statement, especially when it is equipped with an individual and matching slogan or image. The UK has a long tradition of people expressing their personalities on a T-Shirt. TV is a key driver for us to harness this growing trend” says Philip Rooke, CEO of Spreadshirt. He continued, “Many consumers start their customer journey through the TV screen then use their mobile devices to research or create an initial design idea. Then later, they complete the purchase on a desktop. We’re already present online and mobile, so we’re looking to connect these up with the TV. We also think that increased understanding and analysis of this process will sustainably shape our success in the coming years.”

Notes to Editors

Further information and images are available from PR Savvy, in the Spreadshirt Press Room and at https://newsletter.spreadshirt.net/press-release/2014/04_tv_spot/spreadshirt_tv_spot_uk.zip

Media Buying is coordinated by Carat.

About Spreadshirt
Spreadshirt is one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms for on-demand printing of clothing and accessories. Its customers (individuals, businesses, organisations and teams) can create, buy and sell their ideas on over 180 different products.

The business model includes four areas where sellers and customers can offer or buy a product: Create Your Own, Spreadshirt’s and other online market places, white-label online stores and Spreadshirt’s fulfilment technology. Spreadshirt’s more than 70,000 active sellers include companies such as Otto, Beck’s & Doctors Without Borders.

Spreadshirt is active in 17 markets and 9 languages and operates four production sites in Germany, Poland and the USA. The company was founded in 2002 and, in 2013, achieved revenue of around 72 million Euros, printed about 3.3 million articles and sent them to more than 40 countries.

laFraise, the social network for graphic designers and artists, and Yink, a large volume provider for individual textile and promotional printing are also part of the Spreadshirt family.

Spreadshirt figures:

  • The company is present in 17 countries
  • More than 3.3 million products were shipped last year to more than 44 countries
  • 47% of custom orders in Europe vs. 14% in North America
  • 10% of orders worldwide on the Spreadshirt site itself were done on a mobile device
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