Spreadshirt’s Platform Investment Rewarded with EUR 85m Revenue for 2015

Healthy Outlook for 2016 as Ecommerce Site’s Revenue Rises 18% Globally

Spreadshirt announces an 18% revenue rise in its 2015 financial results as the investment in its ecommerce platform is rewarded. The company makes it easy to buy, sell and create ideas on clothing & accessories. In 2015 it recorded revenue of EUR 85m by taking nearly 2m orders and shipping over 3.6m items to 180 countries.

The platform developments make it easier to buy and sell ideas on merchandisingsprd_logo_rgb_medium. The average basket size went up as global orders increased by 7.5% and nearly 11% more items were shipped than in 2014. So the 5.4m visitors each month to the Spreadshirt site were buying more per visit. In addition, over 40% of these visitors to the site came via smartphones and tablets in 2015, reflecting a shift in shopping habits and Spreadshirt’s investment in making it easier to use the site via a mobile device.

Spreadshirt’s CEO, Philip RookePhilip Rooke CEO 2015, says “At Spreadshirt we have a continuous-development approach to our platform. The healthy growth we have achieved in 2015 is a direct result of this investment in ideas and technology.” He continues, “We are now in a strong position for 2016, which is going to be a year of simplification. We want to make it ever easier to buy and sell ideas on the Spreadshirt platform. This all part of our growth strategy as we become a billion dollar, game-changing business.”

In 2016, Spreadshirt will also focus on making it more rewarding for Spreadshirt partners to sell their ideas on the platform. Changes coming online in 2016 include a new partner administration area, a revision of the commission model, to reward successful sellers, and faster payments for partners.

In 2015 Spreadshirt also shipped to 24 new countries, including The Holy See, Madagascar and The Cook Islands. The most expensive t-shirt was shipped to Denmark and cost 317.85 EUR.

Figures at a Glance

Total global revenue in 2015: 85m euros

Total UK & Ireland revenue in 2015: 4.6m euros

Over 40% of traffic from mobile devices

Nearly 2m orders received and 3.6 items shipped to 180 countries

More than 70,000 active partners globally

Average of 5.4m monthly visits

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