TOP Word worn in 2009: “I”

Spreadshirt Reveals the Words and Apparel British Consumers Wore Last Year

London – January 22, 2010 – Spreadshirt, the leading online platform for creating, buying and selling “me shirts” — stylish conversation starters that people love to wear — announces “I” as the top Word Worn by consumers based on its 2009 sales. “Love, hate, party, dance, travel, ski, pods and phones, it all started with ‘I’ in 2009,” said Jana Eggers, CEO Spreadshirt. “The words and clothes worn by British consumers show a view into Social Media – offline.”

Highlights from 2009’s Top Words Worn:

  • Group hug. “Team” scored #2 and “love” #3. Both words were used to show who was ♥’d, whether that is a Vampire (e.g. Team Edward) or sports buddies, or your favorite mate on that infamous night before he walks down the aisle. (Related. She may not have a team, but Miss Montana catapulted Hannah to the #1 Name Worn.)
  • Party time. Brits show the importance of going out, dancing and generally having a good time by ranking “club”, “dance”, “birthday”, and “Mrs.” (spotted on many hen night shirts) Worn Words #7-10.
  • Sun and Fun. Brits wore three hot getaway holiday spots into the top 25: Zante (#16), Ibiza (#19), and Magaluf (#21)
  • Feast and fitness. To control their waistline, when “chef” is the #14 Word Worn, Brits rank “trainer” #17, balancing great food with the will to stay in shape.
  • Playing the game. With “team” at #2 and “school” and “coach” at 20 and 22 sports make a strong showing on this year’s Words Worn list. (Related. OMG! Cheerleading kicked rugby out of the Sports Top 10.)
  • British consumers put their words on over 2500 different apparel and accessories. Who bought what?

  • Middlesex. This family-friendly area ordered the most personalized baby products, ranging from baby one-pieces, bibs to kids tees.
  • Cardiff. The people of Cardiff have the best dressed dogs, through purchases of doggie tees and bandanas personalized to show their dog’s uniqueness.
  • Cambridge. With the density of schools here, it is no wonder the people of Cambridge would purchase the most personalized bags.
  • Reading. When it comes to underwear individualized with designs and text Reading residents are in the fore.
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