Trend Report: Organic Wins – Demand Surpasses Supply

London/Berlin – April 9th 2010: This month’s Trend Report was inspired by Earth Day, which by the way will turn 40 on 22 April 2010. Earth Day is also one reason (in addition to the high demand) why we enlarged our organic product range recently (Anne mentioned it in a previous post). With the additional products and colours, our 13 different apparel items in more than 20 colors are now available for our customers and partners to create one-of-a-kind eco-friendly fashion.

Sales numbers have shown that we’ve caught the spirit of the times with those additions. Since the launch of the first organic products in 2006, the percent of organic products has tripled at Spreadshirt. Even though the share has yet to reach the magic 10%, for the first time the demand for products made from certified organic cotton is larger than its share in the apparel assortment. While the share of all of our SKUs is 4.5%, 4.8% of all sold items last year were organics.

Edinburgh and Guildford top off the list of UK cities where Spreadshirt’s organic assortment is most popular. The amount of products sold there are almost three times higher than the national average.

As is only fit for a Spreadshirt Trend Report – we dug a bit deeper into the material. The designs used on organic products point out that these shirts are not only being used to make statements about the environment. The most popular designs for these organic products come from our top sellers: hearts, crowns and princesses. Evidence also shows that a large amount of sales come from organic products for kids and babies: popular organic product texts are “Grad 2027″, “daddy’s girl” or “big brother”.

Last but not least, we had a look at our partner shops which exclusively sold eco-friendly products last year. From 2008 to 2009, the amount of organic-only shops has increased by 7%. Here is an list of three top organic Spreadshirt shops:

* Knock Knock:
* Barack Obama T-Shirt shop:
* International Baby Shop:

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