Wearable Content Creates First Commission Millionaire at Spreadshirt

Self-expression trend sees dramatic rise in designs and commission

The self-expression trend created the first commission millionaire (€1.1m) at ecommerce firm Spreadshirt. A second maker has earnt €975K in commission by finding niche ideas that speak to their YouTube tribe. And a third had an idea go viral, making €136K in one week (total earnings €480K).

In the digital world self-expression is everywhere, but slogan tees took off in real life in 2017 with the likes of Dior’s We Should All Be Feminists.Recently New Yorkmagazine turned headlines into slogan t-shirts and London label, Blouse, launched Just Harriedt-shirts on the back of the Royal Wedding.

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At Spreadshirt wearable content is for all creatives, not just the big brands. Over 80,000 partners are earning money by tapping in to the self-expression trend. There is no typical partner, but they are all producing wearable content andspreading messages the world wanted to see.

Why has this trend exploded offline?” asks Spreadshirt CEO, Philip Rooke, “because print makes self-expression wearable and technology makes it immediate. So with clever ideas and judicious marketing, our designers can earn money from their originality.” He continues, “Self-expression has become a global media trend. At Spreadshirt our makers and expressionists can respond to everything from world events to trending memes with a new design that’s instantly shared, printed and worn”. 

The high-commission partners attribute their stellar success to an authentic approach. The million-euro earner only joined Spreadshirt in 2016, but a steady flow of new animal designs and building a fan community in social media resulted in over €1m commission in two years. Spreadshirt’s record revenue in 2017 (€108m) was driven by the trend for expressing yourself, with a 77% increase in the number of Marketplace Designers selling their ideas on the ecommerce platform.

Additional Spreadshirt Milestones from 2017:

  • 25% increase in the number of uploaded designs over the prior year
  • Average of 283,000 design uploads per week
  • Average of 40,300 design uploads per day
  • 55% of all traffic came from mobile devices
  • Mobile traffic increased 4.6% from 2016
  • 40% of all orders were placed from a mobile device
  • Mobile orders increased 36% from 2016




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