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Personalised Pillow Cases: Rest Easy with Custom Designs

Spreadshirt’s T-Shirt Designer allows you the freedom and creative space to design one-of-a-kind pillow cases for any bed. Add text in over 60 fantastic fonts, upload designs or photos. You can choose from Spreadshirt’s ever-growing Marketplace of user-submitted designs to create a custom pillow case that will complement the décor and styling of any room. Go a step further and design yourself a personalised blanket, teddy bear or even a cuddly bunny. Dream Land here I come!

Custom Pillow Cases Stand out and Fit In

Side sleepers, stomach snoozers, and lay-on-your-back snorers may require different pillows to suit their sleeping needs. A side sleeper may require a softer pillow, where a stomach sleeper may need the support of something more firm. The best part about Spreadshirt’s personalised pillow cases is that their 32” long x 20” wide construction suits most standard bed pillows. Whichever type of pillow your head requires for maximum comfort, there’s a good chance it will fit a Spreadshirt custom pillow case.

A Truly Unique Gift: Everyone Needs a Pillow Case

A person’s bed is where they relax after a long day, where they find rest after a tough week at work, or where children get the sleep they need to be happy and healthy the next day. Create a unique pillow case gift for yourself or your loved ones that they will truly cherish. A soft and inviting T-130 thread count makes Spreadshirt’s pillow covers a comfy addition to the bed setting. Pillow fighters would love an intimidating design to put the fear of God in their adversaries, where cat nappers may prefer to snuggle up to a design of clouds or puppies. But it won’t stop just there – you can create matching designs on Spreadshirt’s range of >other products to make the bed set complete.

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