Rubik's Cube T-Shirts

Rubik's Cube

The Rubik Cube: The World's Favourite Toy

The world has been in love with the 3-D combination puzzle ever since it's invention in 1974. Ernő Rubik, the Hungarian sculptor and architect first called it the magic cube, and it took until 1980 until it became a complete success when the name changed to Rubik's Cube. Close to 400 million cubes have been sold so far, and Spreadshirt's Rubik’s Cube T-shirts are devoted to the world's most favourite toy.

Let the colours talk

When you hear the crackling of the internal pivot mechanism – and you're able to merge the mixed-up colours by turning the faces until the puzzle is solved – that's when you feel the joy of achievement. And when you can out-smart the physical cube in next to no time, you're one step closer to becoming like one of those genius speedcubers. Whether you wear your Rubik Cube T-shirt at the next World Cube Association or you just want to expose a humorous nerdy side of yours, Spreadshirt's Rubik Cube T-shirt will help you untie the Gordian knot in style.

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